Kelenken (Paleomaster)

Review and Photos by Dinodinkies. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Kelenken is an extinct bird belonging to the Phorusrhacidae Family. It lived in the Miocene and was discovered in Argentinia, where it caused terror to the animals living there. The bird was probably 3m high, which makes it the largest terrorbird. New company Paleomaster released a Kelenken figure this year, and what a beauty it is. It is smaller than the CollectA Kelenken but bigger than the Kaiyodo terrorbird, from head to tail it is 11.5 cm, and it is 7.5cm high.

Kelenken Paleomaster

I love the colours on this Kelenken, figure they are brown, blue and a dark form of pink. The colouration and the figure itself looks a little vulture-like. A bald head and feathers on top. A supporting base makes it a stable figure, this is green and contains a few rocks and two twigs. The model is a true must-have for terrorbird fans. It is 1:24 scale and if you want you can build and paint it up yourself, as it can come in four pieces. However, It can be ordered preassembled and painted, which is what I did – I feared I would mess up its beauty.

Kelenken Paleomaster

This figure has realistic paint and has a pose full of action. And finally a European company that makes dinosaurs and prehistoric animals like they should. Everything is there on the Kelenken, the long beak, the little wings and tail, and the powerful running legs.

Kelenken Paleomaster

This is the first in the series, a Therizinosaurus is anticipated to be the next to come, and I am considering painting it myself. Altough the ready-painted version looks great and colourful. I can’t wait to see more from them.

Kelenken Paleomaster

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  1. whats the little one there in the pic? that a Dinotales?

  2. This one looks like the terror birds from the primeval tv series.

  3. Category: non-dinosaur? Huh? Surely ‘theropod’?

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