Triceratops (version 2) (Kinto/Favorite Co Ltd.)

Review and photos by Simon Foxx, edited by Plesiosauria.

This is the second version of Kinto’s “Desktop” dinosaur models Triceratops. It can be found on ebay, though at a large mark-up from its price in Japan, which is about 4300 Yen (around $53). Ebay auctions usually have it at about $100, plus shipping.

Triceratops model favorite

This desktop model is done in 1/40 scale, but it is a BIG 1/40 scale. The animal works out to be the size of the 2 largest known triceratopsid skulls, the Canadian Eotriceratops and BUY’s giant T. Horridus skull, both of which are nearly 9 feet (2.75 m) tall from beak to end of frill. The animal itself would be about 27 feet (8.2 m) in length, and likely exceeding 10 tons in weight. The figure is 8” (20cm) long, 3.5” (9 cm) tall, with a 3.5” (7.5 cm) long head. At 1/40 scale it is one big bruiser of an animal. A ‘one-in-a-thousand’ trophy bull.

Triceratops model favorite

This model features anatomically correct feet and toes, insanely detailed scales, and an iconic head. The horns are rendered very thick and large, as is the top of the beak.

Triceratops model favorite

Whether this stretches past the limits of accuracy (keeping in mind the individual differences within a normal range of features in any animal population) or not, it makes for an absolutely striking look – from any angle. (Sadly, there are no back quills, as this model was produced several years before the evidence for those was made public.)

Triceratops model favorite

This is the finest Triceratops resin reconstruction that I have personally seen anywhere, at any scale. For my personal taste, there is absolutely nothing I would change on it. It’s an A+ as a work of sculpting art, and an A in terms of accuracy.

For another take on this figure, see this older review by Marc too.

Triceratops model favorite

Triceratops model favorite

6 Responses to Triceratops (version 2) (Kinto/Favorite Co Ltd.)

  1. I was gonna say hasn’t this one been reviewed before by Marc?

  2. And so we break the Evean with mutiple reviews of the same figure. Excellent work

  3. Good review. It is a really beautiful model. I have one criticism though, I think the photos would have been a lot clearer and nicer to look at if you’d used a flash on your camera 🙂

  4. I also wondered about it’s tail, was it really that short? Or is that like this from a certain perspective or view angle? Yet it looks damn awesome none the less! 8) 🙂

  5. This is surely the best Trike I seen out there, nice review too, any diffs with version 01?
    Thanks for them detailed pics btw 8)

  6. really very beautiful indeed. The only thing, other than the features not yet known at the time of this reconstruction, for me are that the scales are all over the place. I can imagine that some parts of its skin aren’t scaled. On the neck frill for example. Or is it documented that the scales extended to that part also?

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