Ankylosaurus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Review and photographs by Mikko aka Dinomike, edited Plesiosauria.

This magnificent version of Ankylosaurus magniventris has been very difficult to obtain in Europe since the import prices from Japan are quite steep. However, I managed to obtain this Late Cretaceous creature when a shop in Britain finally took Favorite’s Soft Model series in their selection.

ankylosaurs favorite series2

This sculpture, crafted by the Japanese paleoartist Kazunari Araki and manufactured by Favorite, is something to marvel at. The sculpture is a revisited version of the older Favorite Ankylosaurus which was more or less a Euoplocephalus with the head of an Ankylosaurus. This time the anatomical details are very accurate – as far as its body parts are known. The Ankylosaurus, even though quite archetypal among dinosaurs, is not fully known. For instance its limbs have not been fully discovered but they are thought to have resembled those of other ankylosaurids. Thus, they are thought to have five-toe feet.

ankylosaurs favorite series2

The proportions of the model are pretty much in order even though the famous club may be a tiny bit too big. The scutes and spikes on the back of the animal seem to be of the right animal this time and highly resemble the ones on the Carnegie Ankylosaurus, although they are a bit smaller and less bulky looking. Araki’s sculpture portrays a heavy animal marching straight onward with one foot off the ground. The pose and coloring is less striking than Papo’s battle posed Ankylosaurus.5 The color scheme is quite pleasing with bluish-grey accentuated with mild yellow scutes and a white underbelly. The overall appearance is that of a stern yet mild-tempered creature. There are some violet paint strokes to accentuate shadows.

ankylosaurs favorite series2

The level of details in this sculpture is very pleasing though it’s no Papo. It’s reasonably priced (available from here), so I would highly recommend this model to anyone who desires to have an up-to-date version of this fantastic animal.

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  1. Really worth the ¥630 if you buy it in Japan. A really solid ankylosaur figure!

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