Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2014)

It has become an annual dinotoyblog tradition, around this time of year, to post an overview of each toy company’s upcoming dinosaur figures. So, here we go again, starting with Safari Ltd.

There’s just a single new addition to the Carnegie Collection in 2014, a brand new version of the ever-popular T. rex. This model will be the third (or sixth, depending how you look at it) incarnation of this infamous dinosaur in the Carnegie Collection to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the line.

Tyrannosaurus rex 25th Anniversary Carnegie Collection

There will be five new figures added to the Wild Safari line in 2014, as follows:

Monolophosaurus. An interesting choice – nice to see a more unusual dinosaur represented.
Monolophosaurus Wild Safari 2014

Pachyrhinosaurus. This is an a predictable choice considering the leading character in the upcoming Walking with Dinosaurs 3D movie is a Pachyrhinosaurus.
Pachyrhinosaurus Wild Safari 2014

Suchomimus. Or is that Baryonyx?
Suchomimus Wild Safari 2014

Carcharodon megalodon. A giant extinct shark.
Carcharodon megalodon Wild Safari 2014

An ammonite. Can you identify the species?
ammonite Wild Safari 2014

Finally, Safari are offering up a new set of ‘cave people’ consisting of various hominid species.
hominids Safari 2014

For detailed discussion of these new figures, see this thread on the dinotoyforum: http://www.dinotoyblog.com/forum/index.php/topic,1690.0.html

7 Responses to Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2014)

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  2. Why is there no new toob?????

  3. I’m looking forward to the T-Rex. I like the coloring a lot!

  4. I believe the ammonite is a Pleuroceras, from the early-mid Jurassic.

  5. Sobre todo me gusta mucho el Pachyrhinosaurus es una figura elegante, el tiranosaurus es bonito pero es una figura bastante manida y lo que he observado a mi humilde entender que se le ha representado como un terópodo fofo, aunque lejos de discutir la figura más tratándose de Carnegie y de una escultora de reconocido prestigio, que sabrá obviamente mil veces más y me quedo corto, que yo sobre paleontología. Mis felicidades a Carnegie/Safari por su 25 cumpleaños y que siga ilusionado a niños y coleccionistas, entre los que yo soy un entero entusiasta.

  6. The caveman second from the right resembles my brother-in-law.

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