Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2014)

So, CollectA have done it yet again! They’ve announced more 2014 figures than you can shake a cycad leaf at. So, as has become dinotoyblog tradition, let’s summarise the news here for posterity. The 12 new prehistoric critter models being released by CollectA this year, are, in alphabetical order:


Arsinoitherium CollectA 2014

Bistahieversor CollectA 2014

Carcharodontosaurus CollectA 2014

Gastonia CollectA 2014

Ichthyovenator with fish
Ichthyovenator CollectA 2014

Mosasaurus CollectA 2014

Quetzalcoatlus with baby sauropod
Quetzalcoatlus with baby sauropod CollectA 2014

Saurophaganax CollectA 2014

Stegosaurus corpse
Stegosaurus corpse CollectA 2014

Therizinosaurus Collecta 2014

Tyrannosaurus juvenile
Tyrannosaurus juvenile Collecta 2014

Xenoceratops Collecta 2014

Some of these look smashing, but I’ll reserve commenting on these figures until they are released and reviewed properly on the dinotoyblog. There will be plenty to discuss! In the meantime, you can check out this thread on the dinotoyforum for more photos and discussion of the 2014 CollectA releases.

4 Responses to Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2014)

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  2. Any idea when these will be released?

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  4. From my point of view the best figures in the history of Collecta, are in competition with the best brands of toy dinosaurs.

    A great year for Collecta.

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