Upcoming releases from Bullyland (New for 2014)

We’ve had a good ogle at the upcoming (or already released) 2014 dinosaur figures from Papo, Schleich, Safari Ltd, and CollectA, but there’s another well-known long-standing dinosaur toy-producing company who are serving up some new offerings this year. We wouldn’t want to miss out on German company, Bullyland! Bullyland have been a bit ‘hit and miss’ in the last few years, with only a limited number of annual new releases, so it is always interesting to see what species Bullyland opt for. Once again, the company isn’t pushing the boat out with just two new figures for consideration in 2014, but they both look rather nice.

Lambeosaurus. Quite possibly the best hadrosaur, nay, the best dinosaur, ever to have graced planet Earth.
Lambeosaurus Bullyland 2014

Europasaurus. This could be the first replica of this ‘tiny’ sauropod dinosaur, described in 2006.
Europasaurus Bullyland 2014 First impressions are that these are very natural, realistic, and well-rendered sculpts of some great species. More like these, please, Bullyland! We will, of course, aim to review both new Bullyland figures properly on the Dinosaur Toy Blog when we get our hands on them!

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