Placerias (Tyco)

Although the Dino-Riders line consisted mostly of familiar faces like Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus, and, of course, Tyrannosaurus rex, there were a few obscure animals tossed into the mix. I had never heard of Placerias until I came across it on the shelf at Toys R Us.


Placerias was a large dicynodont hailing from the Late Triassic. Like today’s hippo, it probably enjoyed spending time in or around water, happily munching on vegetation and only employing its large tusks for defence against predators or establishing dominance. The Tyco Placerias is a stout, rugged-looking beast measuring 11 cm long. As far as accuracy is concerned, it’s pretty good. The head, body, and limbs are of proper proportion and the feet actually have the right number of toes.


The Placerias‘ distinctive tusks are grooved and its body is covered in large scales and a few wrinkles here and there to emphasize joints and muscles. Its simple colour scheme consists of brown and pea soup green with orange and black beads for eyes. Its limbs are articulated at the shoulders and hips, allowing you to achieve two poses: walking and shambling dash.


The Tyco Placerias is not exactly what you’d call exciting, but it’s well-sculpted and built to last. Besides, dicynodonts are quite rare in the world of prehistoric toys, making this one something of a treasure.


Unfortunately, that’s all the Dino-Riders I have to offer. But stay tuned for some Jurassic Park!

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  2. is this from the Smithsonian’s Dinosaur line from the 90’s?

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