Nasutoceratops (CollectA)

Nasutoceratops was a large centrosaurine ceratopsid from the Campanian age of the Late Cretaceous. It is distinguished by a particularly fat snout and brow horns that greatly resemble those of extant cattle.


The 2015 Nasutoceratops measures 13 cm long. Its body is medium grey with black legs, light brown claws, and a light grey underbelly. The bushy row of speculative quills over the hips are a mixture of black, brown, and light grey and the tail has black stripes and light brown airbrushing. The back of the neck and the frill also have light brown airbrushing.


The head is a swirl of black, grey, and light brown. The eyes and horns are black and the beak is pale yellow. The patterns on the front of the frill look uncommonly like a giant smiling face with baggy, bulging eyes. That would certainly come in handy for showing off to a female or scaring off a Teratophoneus!


The Nasutoceratops is posed in a walking stance with its great head turned to the right, staring intently at something. It looks strong and sturdy, a peaceful but powerful and potentially deadly animal. The sculpting on the skin is as meticulous as always, with countless tiny bumps of varying size. The horns have the correct shape and the snout is nice and big. The hind feet, however, have too many claws. And while I personally like the look of the quills, they won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.


This Nasutoceratops is a solid toy. It is compact, fun to play with, beautifully sculpted, and has attractive colours, especially on the frill. Recommended.


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  2. Standard CollectA dinosaurs tend to be small, yes.

  3. 13 cm long? That’s so tiny!

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