Stegosaurus Corpse (CollectA)

Under attack, the young warrior lashes out desperately. Although he possesses great strength and weaponry, his stamina is fading and his attackers are many. His thagomizer swings through the air, but then one of the allosaurs manages to seize it just behind the spikes and hold on furiously. Immediately, the other allosaurs rush in, biting and clawing without mercy. Moaning in pain, the warrior falls. His life has reached its end.


Following up on CollectA’s 2012 Dead Triceratops is 2014’s Stegosaurus Corpse. This decidedly macabre mound of plastic measures about 17.5 cm long. Main colours are light blue and lavender with brown wash, orange and dark brown for the plates and spikes and the airbrushing running down the length of the spine, a pink tongue, and black claws. The multiple wounds, which I shall gleefully describe in detail further on, are dark red with white exposed ribs and dull pink internal organs.


The sculpting on the Stegosaurus is excellent, even more so than on the Triceratops. The body has a fine pebbled texture with large wrinkles to emphasize the muscles. The plates are pebbled at the base but then become ridged. Each one is a slightly different shape. Similarly, two of the four spikes comprising the famous thagomizer are longer than their companions. The Stegosaurus is sculpted in a classic “death pose,” lying on its right side with the head thrown back and the tail curling down. The head looks too large for an adult individual, but perhaps this one is an adolescent. The feet not only have the proper number of toes, but also the proper number of hooves.


And now it’s time to get gross. The wounds on the Stegosaurus consist of:

1) A small bite taken out of the left cheek.

2) A large chunk of flesh torn out of the back of the neck.

3) A deep tear in the left shoulder.

4) A massive flank wound exposing part of the rib cage, with intestines spilling out and streams of blood running down the skin.

5) Another massive wound at the hip.

6) A large bite on the tail, damaging one plate and probably severing the vertebrae, thus rendering the thagomizer useless.


As with the horns on the Dead Triceratops, the spikes on the thagomizer are clean and devoid of blood, indicating that this Stegosaurus didn’t manage to land a single blow on its killer(s). Poor thing.


The Stegosaurus Corpse is probably not an appropriate toy to show to a kindergarten class, but it’s perfect for anyone who loves a bit of gore in their prehistoric world. Incidentally, CollectA also released a Saurophaganax/Allosaurus in 2014 that can be posed as if it were feeding on the corpse. Oh, and if they plan on continuing this trend of dead and mutilated dinosaurs, I think it’s only fair that the next one should be a theropod. Why should herbivores always be the losers?


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  3. Is it just me or does it seem like the Stegosaurus sits display at the Wyoming Natural Geological Museum?

  4. I just love CollectA’s dead dinosaurs. I hope they’l continue to make’em for as long a possible. A dead Sauropod, a Hadrosaur & even a dead Theropod would be amazing.

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