Velociraptor (DINO by Lego)

“Heads up, fellow dinosaur lovers! Dr. Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit here! Be brave and be alert! Today we’re going to examine a very dangerous Lego dinosaur: Velociraptor! That’s why I’m wearing this protective gear!”

“Doc, that’s a fencing mask.”

“Yes, I know that, Beth. This was all I could afford on a paleontologist’s salary.”

“Yikes. Sorry.”


“Anyway, here are the eight pieces that make up our Velociraptor. When assembled, the animal measures 7 cm tall and slightly over 12 cm long. It is coloured pale and bright orange with reddish brown stripes, off white teeth and claws, and yellow eyes.”


“There’s some decent articulation on this critter, Doc. The mouth opens, the head rotates a full 360 degrees, and the arms and legs also have a wide range of motion. Also, it’s pretty cool how the teeth are hidden when the mouth is closed.”

“Indeed, Beth. Also note that the feet are designed to attach to a baseplate, the hands can grip Lego accessories, and the four studs on the back allow a minifigure to ride the Velociraptor. Not that I would want to do such a thing!”


“I know, Doc, it’s cool. But what’s not cool is that there are no feathers to be found on this raptor. The size is off as well. This is more like a Utahraptor in comparison to us. The influence of Jurassic Park strikes again!”

“I’m afraid so, Beth. Nevertheless, the Velociraptor has appeared in more sets than any other Lego dinosaur. Our version is from 5887: Dino Defense HQ. A green one features in 5884: Raptor Chase.. And this year’s Jurassic World line features Blue and Delta in 75917: Raptor Rampage and Charlie and Echo in 75920: Raptor Escape.

“That’s a lot of raptors in one paragraph.”


“Yes, it is. Now quickly, Beth, tell everyone your final thoughts before it gets too dangerous around here!”

“Well, despite the lack of feathers, there’s no denying that this is a fun toy. The poseability’s good, the raptor definitely looks ferocious, and the studs allow for imaginative play. Should be appealing to dinosaur or Lego fans, or in this case, both.”


“Oh my! Do be careful, Beth!”

“Relax, Doc, this is what I was made for. Literally. And take it easy, folks, we’ll be back again real soon!”


8 Responses to Velociraptor (DINO by Lego)

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  2. Really nice looking figures… Just wish they were available in lower priced sets. Too pricey for what I can do at the moment. I really love the multi-layered paint technique they’ve used.

    Thanks for the fun review!

  3. I understand that this toy is “cm long and cm tall” but exactly how many cm are we talking here?

  4. “Should appeal to BOTH dinosaur and Lego fans, or in this case, BOTH.”
    What? That doesn’t make much sense….
    …I loved this review. They’re really informative and hilarious!

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