Pachycephalosaurus (Tsukuda Hobby Collection)

Among the many prehistoric toys of the 1980s’ were the distinctive dinosaurs of the Tsukuda Hobby Collection. I vividly recall coming across them at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto back in 1989 (I think) when it was showcasing the then-spectacular animatronics of Dinamation. My dear mother was kind enough to buy me a couple of the toys that day. The Tyrannosaurus rex vanished from my possession a long time ago (either sold or donated, I don’t recall which) but the Pachycephalosaurus has managed to stay with me for more than 25 years.


The Tsukuda Pachycephalosaurus measures 24 cm long and stands 11 cm tall. Like most toys of its type, it is sculpted in a battle-ready pose with the domed head lowered. Were it not for the fact that the toy weighs next to nothing, two of them would make neat bookends.


The Pachycephalosaurus is coloured medium brown with a light underbelly and dark stripes. The black and gold eyes are made of beads, just like the beloved Tyco dinosaurs.


Detail-wise, this is one of the more interesting 80s’ dinosaurs. The head has the usual assortment of bony knobs on the snout and cranium. The skin on the body has some wrinkles here and there, but the back is entirely covered in knobs identical to the ones on the head. I can’t tell if these are meant to be osteoderms or if the sculptor assumed that the animal possessed armour. Either way, I think it looks cool.


As far as accuracy is concerned, this one clearly fails to live up to contemporary standards. The hands have the right number of fingers but the legs are rather Godzilla-like. And the tail is far too short and stocky. For a typical 80s’ dinosaur toy, however, it’s a success.


If you’re a fan of bonehead dinosaurs or vintage dinosaurs in general, the Tsukuda Pachycephalosaurus is right up your alley.

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  3. Just checked out the link you added… it looks to be a pretty extensive series.

    Great review BTW. 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen this series… Those Tyco Dino Riders eyes are great to see again. Any idea on the number of different dinos they had in their series?

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