Styracosaurus (Electronic Deluxe by Chap Mei)

With its huge nasal horn and intimidating array of frill horns, Styracosaurus is probably the second most recognizable ceratopsian after Triceratops.


The Chap Mei electronic Styracosaurus is a massive beast measuring 24 cm long and standing 13 tall at the tip of its spikes. Its main colour is olive green with dark grey stripes, a yellowish underbelly, off white beak and frill horns, scarlet markings, purple tongue and hornlets, and translucent orange eyes and nasal horn. Aside from the horn, which looks like it’s made of amber, this is a decent and realistic-looking colour scheme.


No two ways about it, this Styracosaurus means business. Its mouth is open in a bellow, its left forelimb is pawing the ground, and its other limbs are tensed, ready for the charge. Its horns have a battle-worn appearance with countless grooves and scratches and broken tips. The skin has been sculpted with a variety of scales, wrinkles, and pointed osteoderms. The beak and the hooves are grooved as well. All this, along with the toy’s large size, makes for a rather impressive representation of the spiked lizard.


Of course, being a Chap Mei product, this toy is rife with inaccuracies and shortcomings. The hooves are unpainted and aside from the tongue, the inside of the mouth is completely smooth. The feet have too few toes, the tail and neck are too short, and there’s a large cleft in the middle of the frill that doesn’t match any known Styracosaurus skull. And of course, it has a number of screw holes on its right side.


The Styracosaurus‘ hind limbs and right forelimb have a limited range of rotation. Pushing back on the left forelimb causes the head to raise, the eyes and nasal horn to light up orange, and a loud croaking sound to emanate from the body. Beware the flaming horn of doom!


This is one of the better Chap Mei dinosaurs. It’s big and powerful-looking, the colours are good, the proportions aren’t that overly exaggerated, the stumpy tail isn’t as painfully obvious it is on as other toys, and the light and sound makes it fun to play with. Children should love it.

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  2. I Agree this is a great toy for kids. but also for Jurassic Park fans as it’s overall look fits in well with the older JP toy lines. In my honest opinion it is also superior to the crappy offerings from Hasbro’s Jurassic World toys. and yet its less expensive, and better made to boot. I painted in the nose horn, eyes, and toes on mine to complete the look as you can see here:

  3. It reminds me somewhat of the similar (but superior) Carnage Styracosaurus:

  4. I wonder if they leave the toenails unpainted because they tend to get worn with heavy play?

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