The Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2016

Announcement by Stargatedalek, organiser of the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2016.

It’s time to take off your lens caps!
I’m pleased to announce the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2016 is now open!
The winning dinosaur diorama of the 2015 contest: Jurassic Titans, by Carnosaur

Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations for the 2016 contest are as follows:

-Entry is free.

-All members of The Dinosaur Toy Forum, including staff, are invited to participate. Non-members wishing to participate are invited to register to the forum, this is free.

-Dioramas have to feature prehistoric creatures: from trilobites to Triceratops, it doesn’t matter, so long as it is prehistoric.

-The deadline for entries is Sunday 31st July 2016. (Entries received after 23:59 hours (11.59pm) AST on 31st July will be invalid.)

-One diorama per member. Once submitted it cannot be exchanged for an alternative entry.

-Entries must be accompanied by a creative title.

-Dioramas have to be new (never published on the web before) and you must have produced the diorama yourself. Stealing somebody else’s diorama will result in disqualification.

Photoshop is allowed, but the original photograph(s) must be your own. Using somebody else’s photographs will result in disqualification.

Winners There will be three winners in first, second and third place respectively (no joint positions). These will be selected by a poll open to all Dinosaur Toy Forum members (there will be no professional judges) to take place shortly after the closing date. In the event of a tie for any position, a tie-break poll will be created. There will also be three additional honourable mentions.

– Prizes Each winner will receive a copy of The Tyrannosaur Chronicles by David Hone. Thanks to David Hone and Bloomsbury Sigma for providing the prizes.

Tyrannosaur Chronicles

How to enter

-Entries will remain anonymous until the winners are announced. For this reason we request that entrants do no watermark or sign their entries.

-Entries should be submitted as a .jpg file 1000px wide.

-Entries should be sent via email as an attachment to [email protected] The email title should read as follows: “dinosaur diorama contest 2016 – [forum username]”, and the email body should include the diorama title.

You can take inspiration from the previous diorama contest entries on The Dinosaur Toy Forum version 1 archive here (2010), here (2009) and here (2008), and on The Dinosaur Toy Forum here (2012), here (2013), here (2014), and here (2015).

Questions and queries can be posted as a comment below, or by email to [email protected]

You can help spread the word with a signature or make one yourself, and of course remember to have a grand time!

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    • Misheru Misaki (stargatedalek on the DTF)

      There wasn’t originally going to be a contest this year, so I don’t think any potential sponsors were contacted.

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