Woolly Rhino (Papo)

Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

If you were to ask most people to name three Ice Age mammals, the first would be the woolly mammoth, the second would be Smilodon and the third would be the subject of this review, the woolly rhino, in the form of Coelodonta. These ancient herbivores were widespread across Europe and Asia during the Pliocene and Pleistocene glaciations, dying out when the climate changed.


Several companies have tried their hand at this prehistoric mammal, and this is Papo’s example. The figure measures 6.5″ from back hoof to horn and is 3.6″ in to the top of the hump, generally making it in good scale with mammoths from Papo or other companies. The pose is not the most interesting; it could be browsing, possibly preparing to charge, or just wondering about an icy plain.


The detail on this figure is exquisite. Its face is similar to modern rhinos, wrinkled with a distinctive top lip. The nostrils and eyes are distinctive on the body, popping out despite the dark colouring. The shading done on the wool of this animal helps to distinguish the individual strands, giving the rhino a very shaggy appearance, quite appropriate to an Ice Age mammal, as it is a distinctive feature found in many of the Pleistocene megafauna. The colouring of the fur and skin, aside from shading, are a dark, almost chocolate brown. Though dull as a uniform colour, it would appear to be accurate to paintings and frozen remains of rhinos and mammoth.


The accuracy to the actual animal is very close, with few flaws. The number of toes on the hooves is correct, the short tail and ears are present and the fatty hump is present, the feature most likely to be missed on most woolly rhino figures. The horns are the correct length for the animal, though the front horn has a strange bulge higher up the horn. This doesn’t seem quite accurate, as most specimens seem to be more uniform and becomes narrower as they go up, with more curvature in the horn. Aside from this, the figure seems fairly accurate.


Overall, this is a very good figure, suitable for children and adults alike. This figure is relatively inexpensive to buy, either in shops or on eBay. Well worth picking up if you get the chance.

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  1. The left is 4.5″ across and the right is 1.8″. Sorry for the late response, hope it is still of use to you and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Hi, could you tell me the distance between the legs (both along and across)?, I need to know if it would fit in my diorama, so I need to know the size of the base for the legs (If the head protrudes I do not care).

    Any case, very interesting your blog, I think it’s the reference about dinosaur figures.

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  5. The flattened cross-section of the anterior horn (hypothetical snow-clearance to access fodder) is a neat feature of this rendition, that the older Bullyland version didn’t capture.

  6. I honestly prefer the woolly rhinoceros Bullyland. It seems more authentic.

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