Williamsonia (CollectA)

Thought I’d take a stab at reviewing a prehistoric plant for the first time. Let’s take a look at Williamsonia, a member of the order of Bennettitales, or cycadeoids. Bennettitales were an order of seed plants that first arose during the Triassic and then flourished all the way until the end of the Cretaceous. Not bad!


The CollectA Williamsonia was released in 2012, which was arguably the great turning point in the company’s evolution from mediocre to remarkable wares. There are actually two specimens growing out of the 8 cm wide base, one young and small, the other mature and a good 14 cm tall.


The base is coloured light brown with greyish brown wash, the trunks are dark brown with pale green accents, the fronds and three small plants are bright green, and the large flower emerging from the large trunk is orange.


The sculpting on these plants is pretty decent. The trunks have a rough, bumpy texture and each of the many fronds have axes and pinnas sculpted into them. The edges of the fronds, however, are smooth. It would have been nicer if they had a rough texture, but I guess you can only sculpt so much at this scale. The base has a pitted texture with a number of fallen fronds scattered about it. Too bad they aren’t painted.


Accuracy-wise, these Williamsonia look to be in keeping with all the renditions I’ve been able to find online. I especially like how the larger one has a crooked and forked trunk.


Overall, the CollectA Williamsonia are a nice and affordable bit of flora to enhance your prehistoric collection. A bit of food for your herbivores and a place to hide or relax for your carnivores. Recommended.

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  1. CarnegieCollector

    Great review Suspsy! What a lovley little model. I’m surprised more companies haven’t made more plant models. Our dioramas could use them!

    Sorry, but I can’t resist:

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