Stegosaurus (Nanoblock)

“Hello, fellow dinosaur lovers! Yes, it is I, Dr. Bella Bricking, along with my dear friend and colleague, Beth Buildit! How lovely it is to see you again!”

“Hey folks.”

“Today we’ll be introducing something new to the Dinosaur Toy Blog: the first ever Nanoblock review!”

“What’s the deal, Doc? Nanoblock isn’t Lego.”

“No, Beth. Nanoblock is a Japanese product with no ties to Lego. But it is very similar in that it consists of plastic blocks that can be put together to make larger forms. In this case, that wonderful monarch of the stegosaur family, Stegosaurus itself! Let’s get building, shall we?”


“Yeesh. This is way harder than a Lego set, Doc. There’s way fewer steps in the instructions and way more blocks you have to add with each step!”

“Yes indeed, Beth! One needs sharp eyesight, steady hands, and good concentration to assemble this kit. It’s decidedly not a good choice for young children. And keep it up, you’re doing a wonderful job!”


“Whew! There’s your Stegosaurus, Doc! She sure is small!”

“Well done, Beth! And yes, this certainly is a small thyreophoran, measuring slightly under 13 cm. Its main colour is medium turquoise with a sandy yellow underbelly, orange plates, white spikes, and translucent yellow eyes. The head is on a ball joint, allowing it to turn in multiple directions. The plates are also ball-jointed. And what a clever design! Just look at how those multiple layers of bricks form the body! Very impressive engineering indeed!”


“Kind of a throwback though, ain’t it, Doc? Its tail is carried way too low, just like what you’d see in a children’s book from the early 80s’. The head’s really boxy. And while the body holds together well enough, the head and the tail are pretty flimsy. Don’t let this sucker fall off your shelf. You’ll be lucky to find all the pieces.”


“I’m afraid I can’t argue with any of that, Beth. This is certainly aimed at older children and collectors as opposed to little ones. Some of those tiny pieces could easily present a choking hazard! Overall, I would say that this is an impressive little Stegosaurus toy, although more for display than play. If you like dinosaurs and building and challenges, then this kit is for you!”


“Darn tootin’, Doc. I assume we’re not done with Nanoblock, are we?”

“You assumed correctly, Beth. We’ll be back with another review soon enough. Until then, take care!”


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  1. Sorry, this is just ridicolous. And the thing itself is hideous.

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