Velociraptor (The Lost World: Jurassic Park Series 1 by Kenner)

In my desperation to review a dinosaur model I found something I can review that technically may have been reviewed here already, sort of. In 2010 Marc (Horridus) reviewed the Kenner “Jurassic ParkVelociraptor for the blog. And yes, this is indeed the same toy that he reviewed. However, this one was produced for the “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” toy line, and while otherwise identical to the original it does sport a different paint scheme. Yeah, you could call this review unnecessary, but I’m gonna write it anyway. Besides, after all the abysmal “Jurassic World” toys that we’ve been subjected to lately, is it not refreshing to take another look at a real “Jurassic Park” toy?

kenner velociraptor jurassic park

I grew up with the original “Jurassic Park” version of this toy and it was among my all-time favorites growing up. It was constantly getting into trouble, leaping and clawing at my other dinosaur toys. The playability of this toy cannot be understated. Posable arms and legs coupled with a modest action feature will allow even the most imaginative of children to create all kinds of scenarios involving this clever little predator. The action feature is simple, you push the legs together and the neck snaps downward while the mouth opens. It’s enough to make the toy fun and after 20+ years it still functions as if it were brand new. In fact, all of my Kenner toys still work, that’s not something that can be said for Hasbro toys released only a year ago.

kenner velociraptor jurassic park

This Velociraptor stands about 3” tall at the hips and measures about 9” in length which scales in well with standard action figures. The legs and arms are capable of a wide range of motions which helps enhance the playability of the toy. You can make it run, leap, or even lay down. It’s a versatile toy. Ascetically it matches the movie’s creatures well, it’s certainly not scientifically accurate but who would expect it to be? The only flaw I find here is with the hinged jaw. The flaps connecting the cranium to the neck are distracting to me now as an adult, but I couldn’t have cared less when I was a kid.

kenner velociraptor jurassic park

The color choices are bolder and more eye-catching than those on the original, much like the different coloration in the movies. It’s not 100% TLW:JP accurate but it’s passable. The figure is brick red overall with a creamy white underbelly and black stripes down the back and on the legs. The underside of the jaw and neck is painted blue which adds a nice touch of color. The eyes are yellow with slit pupils but there also exists a variant with green eyes. The claws are all painted brown, the teeth white, and the palette and tongue are pink. Apparently the capture gear that came with it is also different but I never owned the capture gear.

kenner velociraptor jurassic park

The Kenner Velociraptor is a toy that has stood the test of time, 20+ years after its original release it’s still a far superior action figure to its Hasbro counterparts.  It’s also still quite common and easy to obtain through eBay and the like. This is naturally a must have for “Jurassic Park” collectors but even if you don’t collect action figures this is a toy worth buying for the young dinosaur fanatic in your life, despite their age these are toys that are fun to play with and made to last.

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  1. Yep, this was a terrific toy and it’s neat to know it’s so durable! I much prefer this paint job to the original.

  2. If you want something other than color that differentiates the two, the Lost World model has a slight curve at the tip of the tail while the Jurassic Park model is completely straight.

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