Stegosaurus (AAA)

Charging out of a 1950’s B-rate dinosaur movie comes the AAA Stegosaurus, a truly retro toy from a bygone era. You can all breathe a sigh of relief, this will be my last review of these little AAA toys. The punishment is almost over.

stegosaurus aaa

These toys feel like they’re from the 1970’s but I just don’t know, and the internet is lacking in information. Regardless of its age this toy certainly has a vintage vibe to it. The tail is swung low and the dinosaur appears to be shambling forward on squat little legs. No attempts at accuracy here, not even for the time it was produced. This is a toy, first and foremost.

stegosaurus aaa

I actually quite like this toy, even if I don’t display it on a shelf. I particularly like the bumpy skin texture, creases in the skin, and the overall head-sculpt complete with fleshy dewlap. The toy is painted in various brown tones and measures just over 4” in length.

stegosaurus aaa

As with the other AAA toys I’ve recently reviewed this is a toy that will probably only appeal to retro nostalgics and vintage collectors. These toys seem hard to track down individually but probably appear frequently in lots on eBay.

aaa dinosaurs

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