Allosaurus Assault (Jurassic Park by Hasbro)

Review and photos by Paul Carter AKA Carnosaur, edited by Suspsy

In 2011, prototype images of an Allosaurus, a Carnotaurus, a Pachyrhinosaurus, and a Stegosaurus for the Jurassic Park toy line began floating around the web. Sadly, only the Allosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus would make it to production in the summer of 2013. Even more disappointing was the fact that they did not make it into the Jurassic World toy line that Hasbro would release two years later.


A human Dino Hunter figure equipped with weapons was included with each toy. These were basically G.I. Joe action figures with new head sculpts.


Overall, the 2013 Allosaurus kind of resembles the Papo Allosaurus, but it’s larger, roughly about the same size as the old JP Allosaurus toy that Kenner released in 1997. Its legs are more bent, giving it a more natural posture, and it can stand fine without a tripod stance. It features a lot more articulation in the shoulders, legs, neck, and head, and it also has the “Dino Damage” feature. The skin piece that covers the wound hides it pretty well.

The sculpt of the figure itself is nice and detailed, and would lend itself well to a custom paint job. Hasbro’s actual paint scheme, on the other hand, is kind of frustrating. While the colour palette itself is interesting, it falls way short of the paint seen on the image on the box. The paint on the dinosaur’s head, feet, and underside are nicely if simply blended. But the bold markings running down its back look like a afterthought, and detract from the figure in my opinion.

Also, the fact that the orange crest doesn’t continue down the length of the tail reminds me of the cheaply painted Chap Mei dinosaurs from the Toys “R” Us Animal Planet line. Come on, Hasbro, at least try to make the toy look as good as the sculptor did. The only other detractor for some collectors would probably be the pronated hands that lack the huge claw on the first finger.

Overall though, I think its a great though hard to find figure and worth adding to your collection. Especially for fans of the older Kenner figures or the JP line in general.

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  3. I love this figure! It would have been so much fun to play with as a kid, and I actually personally love the color scheme. It’s bright + exciting and really pops, with orange and blue being such nice contrasting colors. Being a mass produced toy, they never really look exactly like the stock product image, anyway.

    Here’s a slightly clearer picture of my own:

  4. Very nice repaint Johnny!

  5. The colors are nice – it reminds me of a huge tokay gecko – but yeah, the paint does it no favors.

  6. This is what the “Jurassic World” line should have, and could have, been. Shame about the paint job though. Still need one in my collection.

  7. I thought the same thing about the paint job. So much so that this figure drove me to my first and so far best repaint job.

    So hooray for this figure- so ugly, it’s a gateway drug to custom paintjobs

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