Dimetrodon (Pelikan)


Straight from the depths of my cabinet I present to you yet another oddity: A Dimetrodon figure that originally was intended to serve as a rubber. Pelikan is a German company making stationary such as pens, biros, ink erasers or – erasers. I have it since I was a schoolchild and saved it across the times from its fate, for to me it was too interesting to end as chips of rubber.
But to put it bluntly: This monochrome orange Dimetrodon, having “CE Pelikan Made In Germany” written on its sail, looks like a smaller version of the Invicta Dimetrodon wearing a fatsuit, one of those funny devices you put on to look like a Sumo Wrestler on carnival. It´s much too fat and unproportional. Lots of wrinkles, fat legs and a roughly modeled head make this item, which is only 5 cm long and stands 2,4 cm tall, look quite ugly. Yet I refuse to throw it away or use it for its intended purpose. I like little critters which deserve our compassion. It´s better off with the other guys in my collection than as a servant for my slips of the pen.


I know Pelikan made a Triceratops rubber of similar size, too, but I have absolutely no idea if one can still get those. It´s up to you if it´s worth the hunt, but I think most of you readers will pass on this one.
I didn´t and am happy to put it back to my cabinet among other figures of more beauty, grace and value 🙂
P.S. Gosh! Look how many Dimetrodons I have reviewed up to this day 🙂

Hey, clumsy one, how about a diet?

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  1. CarnegieCollector

    Lol! He’s adorable

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