Woolly Mammoth (Douglas Cuddle Toys)

Review and photographs by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

Another treasured item in my collection is Cynthia, a unique and truly adorable stuffed woolly mammoth toy by Douglas Cuddle Toys. She is around 8 inches long and stands approximately 5 inches tall.


First of all, I’d like to say that I think the workmanship on this woolly mammoth is superb. It is so accurate, in fact, that the Chicago Field Museum store carried it for a number of years. It is very similar in shape to the Safari Ltd woolly mammoth figure if you compare the two, despite the obvious difference of one being plastic and the other being a soft toy. The sculpt of the trunk, tusks and head are all very attentive to detail and the back has a nice slope to it. Her eyes have a very endearing expression as well. The ears are small, just like a mammoth’s should be. The fur is also a beautiful reddish-brown colour, which again is very fitting for a woolly mammoth toy. I personally like reddish-brown, henna-haired woolly mammoths, so this piece is one of my favourites.


Some other nice details that Cynthia has and that are often overlooked in other woolly mammoth stuffed animals are the toenails and the tuft on the end of her tail. I would have to say that this little mammoth makes an excellent companion and is an affordable yet realistic toy for woolly mammoth aficionados of all ages! She is available on Walmart.com, stuffedsafari.com, Amazon, and eBay if you search for “Douglas Mammoth.”


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  1. A friend whose name is Douglas, like the toy manufacturer, gave this to me in 2014. That makes it that much more special.

  2. I like these plush reviews!

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