Spinosaurus (Tsukuda Hobby Collection)

Review and photos by docronnie, edited by Suspsy

​Like all Tsukuda figures from the standard 13 piece set in the 1980s’, this Spinosaurus is made of hollow vinyl plastic in a multi-piece construction moulded into a single piece; hence the evident appearance of seams along the head, extremities, and tail. It also has the signature glassy eyes.


Measuring 28 cm long and 18 cm in height, this figure is in an outdated, bipedal, tail-dragging pose. It is basic brown in colour with dark brown highlights on the dorsal part of the head, body, tail, extremities, knees, and feet. There are also five dark brown stripes on each side of the beautifully sculpted sail. The Spinosaurus has visible scales from its head to its tail tip, wrinkles on the ventral sides from the neck to the tail and “O TSUKUDA HOBBY” printed on the anterior side of the tail.


Obviously, the head does not represent a proper Spinosaurus and the location of the nostrils is incorrect. The wide open oral cavity exhibits a pinkish, protruding tongue, a frenulum, a detailed hard palate, 17 white conical lower teeth and 20 white conical upper teeth. The figure also possesses 4 digits on its hands and feet.


I bought this Spinosaurus because of its charm, vintage look, rarity, and great price! It might not appeal to everyone, but it seems worth having in someone else’s collection.


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  1. Don’t blame you for snatching this one up, it’s an adorable retrosaur.

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