Majungasaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

Majungasaurus was an abelisaur, closely related to Carnotaurus and Rajasaurus. One of the very last dinosaurs to roam the planet, it was the feared and undisputed ruler of the island of Madagascar.


Here’s Seia, the little Majungasaurus from PNSO. Sculpted atop a tan oval-shaped base, she is in a running stance with her right leg forward and her powerful tail curled back like a dog’s. This gives her a height of slightly over 7 cm and a length of 8.5 cm. While this pose unquestionably looks dramatic, I’m not sure if it was possible for a big theropod to achieve such a feat without breaking some tail bones.


Seia’s main colours are ochre and very pale yellow with dark grey stripes and orange eyes. An appropriate colour scheme for a predator, very much like a tiger’s pelt. Her skin is wrinkly all over with multiple osteoderms on her neck and back. Her head features sculpted teeth and the single signature horn above her eyes. Her snout is short in length and tall in height, her hips are the correct width, and her muscular hind limbs make her look swift and graceful, but also deadly.


Unfortunately, Seia is plagued by some major inaccuracies. First, her arms. Abelisaurs are famous for having arms so insanely tiny, they make a T. rex‘s look downright huge by comparison. Majungasaurus was no exception to this feature, but Seia’s arms, while small, are simply too large and long. Secondly, both her neck and her torso should be longer. And thirdly, her legs should be shorter. Seia also has a couple of mould issues. Her right foot is fused with a lump of plastic and looks ugly. Worse, she has a tendency to sag to the left. I keep her propped up with a support column made out of Lego, but she begins to sag again soon after I remove it. Not sure if this is just an individual case of bad luck or a widespread problem.


Overall, Seia the Majungasaurus has a number of anatomical flaws, but she’s still an attractive and dynamic little toy. I extend my thanks to PNSO for this sample figure.


12 Responses to Majungasaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

  1. As a generic run of the mill Non Coelurosarian Theropod, this model would be awesome. But alas how on earth can a museum screw up the anatomy this badly for one of there products? makes me very sad that the best toy model of this species could have been Dan LoRussos unfinished sculpt, .:(

  2. Can you please tell me what are the other models in the fourth photo? Thanks.

  3. Thats why im not a fan of little dino modells, almost no detail and the paintjob is simply bad.
    I skip all the mini dinos from all companys, only the colorata ones look good.

  4. The sloppy paint job doesn’t do it any favors, either.

  5. I agree it’s one of the weakest of the PNSO miniatures. It didn’t appeal enough for me to buy, though I’ve purchased all the other (other than the “baby” range).

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