Parasaurolophus (Tsukuda Hobby Collection)

Review and photos by docronnie moraleta, edited by Suspsy

Parasaurolophus is known from only a handful of specimens, but somehow it has become one of the most popular dinosaurs around, maybe because of its very interesting cranial crest.


Like all Tsukuda figures from the standard 13 piece set in the 1980s’, this vintage Parasaurolophus is made of hollow vinyl plastic in a multi-piece construction and moulded into one piece; hence the evident appearance of seams along the neck, extremities, and tail. It also has the signature glassy eyes feature.


Measuring 28.5 cm long and 13.5 cm in height, this figure is in a somber striding pose with the right front limb lifted off the ground. It is dark olive green in colour, with light green highlights on the dorsal part of the head from the nostrils to the crest, and on the ventral side of the body from the lower jaw to the tail, with subtle black stripes from the neck to the tail.


The Parasaurolophus exhibits a few tubercle-like scales on the head, body, extremities, and tail. It also has beautiful skin folds all around the neck and on the ventral side from the lower jaw to the tail. “O TSUKUDA HOBBY” is printed on the anterior side of the tail. It seems to exemplify P. walkeri with its possession of a long, slightly curved crest.


Its cheeks are unequal, with the left cheek being much thicker than the right. It also possesses four digits on its hands and three on its feet with white hooves. The palms and soles of this figure are also carefully sculpted.


This was my first Tsukuda figure and I bought it because of its charm, vintage look, and great price, only to find out from a fellow DTF member that it’s one of the rarer figures of the line! It might not appeal to everyone, but it seems to have charmed its way into my collection.

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  1. My favorite Parasaurolophus at the moment is the colorful Favorite one.

  2. I am not a fan of hadrosaur models, I love mostly sauropod models. But despite its innacuracies, I love the Tsukuda Hobby Parasaurolophus because of its charm and its vintage look. What is your favourite Parasaurolophus model? Mine is the new brand 2017 Safari Ltd Parasaurolophus that maybe I will get next year.

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