Thylacine (Southlands Replicas)

Please join me in welcoming Southlands Replicas to the Dinosaur Toy Blog! Based out of New South Wales, this fledgling brand’s focus is on Australian wildlife, both past and present. Appropriately, their very first figure is the legendary and tragic thylacine.

This thylacine is meant to represent an adult male. It is sculpted in a threat display with its feet planted, its head raised, and its jaws open to the full 120 degree extent, exposing all its sharp teeth. Alternatively, it could just be letting out a very big yawn. Either way, it looks impressive!

At around 11 cm long, this male thylacine is about the same length as the female from CollectA, but considerably beefier and taller at 6 cm. Its fur is coloured light brown with a white underbelly, black stripes on its back, medium brown stripes on its tail, and black claws and pads on its feet. Its head features a black nose and mouth lining, light pink for the inside of the mouth, a maroon tongue, off white teeth, medium brown eyes, and pink inside the ears. There is also a bare patch of salmon-coloured skin on its underside, with a visible scrotum.

The detailing on this thylacine rivals that of any of the mammals from CollectA or Safari. The sleek fur is meticulously sculpted and the folds of skin on the back of the neck give the animal a realistic appearance. The muscles in the limbs are nicely defined and the proportions seem to be in keeping with all we know about thylacine anatomy. Paint quality, however, is an issue. The tail on my thylacine was slightly warped when I took it out of the packaging, and when I tried bending it back into a stiffer pose, the paint began to chip! I’ve never had that happen with any of my animal figures before.

Aside from the paint chipping (which I certainly hope isn’t a widespread issue), this is a really great thylacine figure with excellent detail and a fierce appearance. Southlands Replicas clearly has the potential to become one of the best animal toy companies out there. I certainly hope they tackle Australovenator, Kunbarrasaurus, Muttaburrasaurus, or some other Australian dinosaurs in the future!

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  3. I hesitate to nitpick this because it’s from a new company, and it does look very good overall, but there’s something off about the jaws. I think it’s because the masseter muscle seems to be missing. In the few photos of live, gaping thylacines, there’s much more mass running down and back from the zygomatic arch. (Which seems a lot more prominent in this model, probably as a result) I’m also not too sure about the straight, vertical contour at the corner of the mouth.

    Second the hope for Australian dinosaurs in the future, and of course more recent megafauna too! The thylacoleo already looks like a great addition.

  4. Magnificent criticism that does seem more realistic to me than Collecta thylacinus

    The thylacine Soutland replicas from Australia is more accurate as the extinct small white striped animal like the one that was unfortunately extinguished in 1937 is more realistic and his posture more aggressive. Recommended for everyone especially for collectors, very good figure and detailed and that of a very hard PVC. Thylacoleo is another excellent example of how a family business can make outstanding figures of excellent quality.

  5. Wow! I want it! I WANT IT!!!


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