Tyrannosaurus rex (Sue Plush by Field Museum of Natural History)

If you’re reading this review, then it’s likely that you have at least heard of FMNH PR 2081, AKA “Sue.” It is one of the largest and most complete specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex to date, with a length of 12.3 metres and an estimated weight of nine tons. It is also famous for being the subject of a lengthy legal battle over ownership before it was finally sold at auction for the whopping sum of $8.5 million US. Happily, the buyer was the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, which had obtained financial backing from the Walt Disney Corporation and McDonald’s. Sue stands tall and majestic in the museum’s central lobby to this day, much to the delight of experts and enthusiasts of all ages.

Over the years, Sue has inspired a wide variety of merchandise: books, videos, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and, of course, toys. You can check out a couple of them here and here. Today I’ll be examining this stuffed Sue, which came out around the year 1999. At 50 cm in length and 20 cm in height, it’s one of the largest T. rexes in my collection, albeit fairly standard size for a plush toy.

The main colours on this toy are dark brown, light brown, and white with a black stripe running from the muzzle to the tip of the tail. The large eyes are made of red glass with black, cat-style irises. The mouth is purple with white teeth made from thin strips of leather. The black hind claws are also made of leather. Not a particularly unique colour scheme, especially for a tyrannosaur, but it’s realistic and works well here.

“I’m based on Sue too!”

Sue is soft enough to be pleasingly huggable, but its legs and tail are still sturdy enough to allow it to stand in a horizontal tripod stance. Like most plush toys, it’s made to take a good licking from a child and can be dropped, bashed around, or thrown across a room without the risk of breakage. Accuracy-wise, this toy is missing nostrils, foreclaws, and dew claws, but I reckon that’s forgivable given its simplicity. And on the plus side, the hands are properly positioned, which can’t be said for a good many more recent and detailed renditions!

Overall, I’m rather fond of my Sue plush. It’s big, instantly recognizable as a T. rex, and fun to play with. I look forward to passing this toy on to the next generation!

And can it be that time again already? Yes, my friends, I’m celebrating yet another milestone: my 150th review! As always, I must extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Adam S. Smith for granting me this wonderful opportunity in the first place. And I thank each and every single one of you for reading and commenting on my reviews. I’m actually nearing the point where I won’t be able to churn them out on a weekly basis anymore, but I still plan on writing as time and opportunity permit! Cheers!

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  1. I very-very like look your toy blog

  2. Congratulations suspsy. I love and follow each of your articles.

  3. Resurrection of the dinosaurs.

    Many, hearty congrats on your 150th review! I have a Stegosaurus plush from National Geographic which I am planning to do a review on, the beady eyes without doubt make it a piece of realism and lifelike, like on Tyco action figures. Always love your reviews and ready to donate reviews and in any way to help you and the DinoToyBlog. Once again, congratulations! 😀

  4. I have enjoyed reading all 150 reviews that you have done. Your inject a lot of fun and energy into your reviews and I look forward to reading the next 50. Its nice to see Dr. Bella and Beth Buildit took some time off from their busy schedules to be in the picture. Congrats!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping that some new Nanoblock sets turn up here in Canada so that Bella and Beth can continue to appear.

  5. Thank you. And yes, I agree that it’s ugly, but in a cute way.

  6. Is that all the figures you’ve reviewed to date? Cool! And thank you for all your contributions!

    • Hardly all of them. It’s a selection from the last 50. My 100th and 50th reviews have similar such photos.

      And thank you too!

  7. Congratulations on the 150th! 🙂

    Interesting color scheme on that one and I would have loved it as a kid, but todays.. heck that head is ugly 😀

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