Allosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs, by PNSO)

As you may know, Allosaurus was a common predator 150 million years ago.  It hunted everywhere on the flood plains of the Morrison formation from the conifer forest, to the fern plains in between.  This charming little fellow is Black the little Allosaurus from PNSO.

About the toy:  The figure comes with a poster that has a small Allosaurus skeleton picture and information on one side. On the flip side there is a full color picture of the animal.  The toy has a base which allows it to be posed in a active stance.  The toy is positioned with its back leg lifting up off the ground, its tail flicking high into the air, and its head looking up.  From the ground to the tip of its tail it is 3 in (7.62 cm) high.  From the tip of its snout to the end of its tail it is 3.25 in (8.25 cm) long.

Texturally this little figure has many creases and skin folds that make it look like the skin on a naked mole rat or an elephant.  Probably not what it looked like in real life but at least it makes it visually interesting.  As for the rest of the sculpt it looks rather skinny.  There are some small muscle bulges but overall the body feels thin and squished.  The tail probably should be wider than the hips due to the Caudofemralis longus muscle but the big issue is the tail just whipping all about.  The tail really should be more stiff especially the first half of the tail.

The head looks ok but like the rest of the body it feels squished.  The mouth is closed but poking through are teeth from the upper dentary.  As for the rest of the body, the hands face inward, the neck has a pronounced s-curve, and the leg proportions look correct.  The back right foot has a block of plastic attached to the foot to maintain stability and strength to where the toes and the base meet.

The colors are a blend of light green, dark green, and a yellowish tan.  The base is the same color as the feet.  The eyes are yellow and the lachrymal  knob is colored red.  The entire figure has a wash of black that fills in the cracks and spaces.  The teeth and claws are not painted individually and have the same colors as the rest of the toy.

Overall:  There are some anatomical errors but, it is also a small figure so I guess that’s to be excepted.  When compared to the other PNSO mini’s that I have seen this one seems to be one of their worst efforts.  That doesn’t mean it is bad, it just ends up being average and unexceptional.  As with it the rest of the minis it can be found at a low cost.   This is not a must have figure and I would rate it as no better than average.


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  1. SO, no one is going to say anything on the size comparison with bug skins?

  2. I want to see why there is an error on the forum.

  3. The dinosaur is so cute! The dinosaur pictures like the dinosaur documentary!

  4. “Texturally this little figure has many creases and skin folds that make it look like the skin on a naked mole rat or an elephant.”

    Indeed. I had to look twice to see if they’d sculpted a fuzzy allosaur.

    Nicely sculpted model, but the paintjob is a bit bleh.

  5. Unfortunately mine has stable stability problems and I will constantly have to use the dryer to make it firm.

    The same thing happens with the majungasaurus to a lesser extent.

    It is one of the defects that I see in the PNSO allosaurus, otherwise it is on average and it is a good superior thumbnail from my honest point of view to the Papo miniature to give an example.

    • Mine does not have a stability issue but I have noticed that there is a slight bend on the back of the base. It has no effect on mine but does yours fall over due to the base having a bend?

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