Tyrannosaurus rex (Unknown company, Walmart)

Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Plesiosauria

Tyrannosaurus rex is undoubtedly the most famous dinosaur of all. There’s nothing quite like the T. rex. In fact, it is the only dinosaur known commonly by both its genus and species name. As Bob Bakker says, “a name like Tyrannosaurus rex is simply irresistible to the tongue.” A number of other species, such as Dynamosaurus imperiosis and Masospondylus have been synonymized with Tyrannosaurus rex after incomplete specimens were found to be identical to parts of complete skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Here is a cool toy I picked up at Walmart [USA]. I had always coveted the soft foam T. rex from Animal Planet but it was very expensive. Then I saw this bad boy at Walmart and just had to snap it up. Don’t condemn this fellow as a ‘chinasaur’, he has good detailing and shape. It isn’t a name brand toy, I admit, but for a generic model, the detailing is actually really good. This Tyrannosaurus resembles the Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus in shape, but colored green. (I love the scene in the movie where the T. rex grabs the lawyer off the toilet).

The teeth are an ivory-yellow color and the jaw muscles and ridges on the head are nicely defined. This dinosaur measures about 21″ long and stands about 14″ tall. It is soft, which is very nice for tactile people like myself. It feels very reptilian to the touch. Most of the body is green with a light gray underbelly and dark gray markings along the back. The musculature is wonderfully detailed.

A couple of negative points, though, are that the hands are a bit pronated and it is a tripod. The torso also looks a bit skinny. The tail at least, though, is not bent at an unnatural angle along the ground, so at least it doesn’t look like the T. rex is leaning all his weight on the tail, which would break several bones.

I think this is a great T. rex for young or old. It makes a great display on a dresser or a shelf, but it is a lot bigger than a lot of dinosaur models. It’s durable, and can hit the floor without breaking. I would definitely rate this fellow as at least a four-star toy. You can get one at Walmart whether at the store or online. You’re more likely to find him in the superstore than a smaller location, though. He is also available in gray and brown, in addition to green. A number of other dinosaur styles, such as a Stegosaurus and Velociraptor are also made as companions to this model. This fellow will almost take you back to the Cretaceous, he feels so real!

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  1. I think this was released under the Animal Planet brand, it’s very similar to one I got at Toys R Us for my niece (she’s a bit too young for hard plastic toys, this one won’t hurt her if she falls on it or bops the cat with it!). The one I got was gray with brown stripes, though. There was a Velociraptor, Triceratops and Pterodactyl available also.

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