Scelidosaurus (Paleo-creatures)

Review and photos by Takama, edited by Plesiosauria

Up for review today is the recently released model of the primitive thyreophoran Scelidosaurus harrisonii, created by Jetoar (Jesús Toledo) for his Paleo-creatures line of models. Scelidosaurus is a dinosaur that is seldom seen in figure form. In fact, the only other ones that come to my mind are the retro Invicta version, and the more recent CollectA version. The model I’m reviewing today was one I commissioned Jesús to do, because I felt it would make a great addition to his ever-growing line of prehistoric critters.

At around 1:35 scale, this model measures around 5 inches long, and is sculpted in a very stiff looking pose with its mouth open as if it’s startled by some unseen predator. In terms of accuracy, this is undoubtedly one of the best representations of the species on the current market. The animal’s armour is sculpted accurately, and the proportions are alright for a figure of this type. Of course, the material that Jetoar uses for his models does not always allow for the great detail, so certain things like the teeth, and claws, are either absent or crudely moulded. The front feet lack individually sculpted toes, but Jetoar was able to paint them on in a way to make it seem like they are present.

The colors we chose for this figure are admittedly not our original idea. Instead they were borrowed from a popular image of Scelidosaurus that you can find with a Google search. The base color is orange, the back of the animal is black, and the plates and toes are colored grey. One of the good things about Jetoar’s models is that if you do not like the colors you see in these photos, then you can have him whip you up a custom color upon request.

One thing that I have to talk about in this review is the base that normally comes with this model. The model is a quadruped, which means that it does not require a base to stand on. However, Jetoar has made an effort to include a base with almost every model he has made so far, and this Scelidosaurus is no exception. What sets this model’s base apart from most of the others is the fact that it comes with a detachable tree that he got at a pet shop. I am not a big fan of this tree as it looks like an aquatic plant, and it works a lot better with aquatic creatures like his Hyneria. However, I understand that this tree was added with good intentions, and that was to demonstrate the height of the Scelidosaurus. Despite the out of place looking tree, the rest of the base is fairly well done. With a miniature log, and a rock sculpted onto the base. I personally prefer to keep my Scelidosaurus off of its base, because of the fact that the tree just does not look like it belongs in a terrestrial setting.

Overall, this is another great figure made by Jetoar, and it is one that represents a species that we just don’t see often from modern toy companies. If you wish to purchase one, feel free to PM Jetoar on the Dinosaur Toy Forum, or order it through Dan’s Dinosaurs. I look forward to commissioning new models for him to do, as well as reviewing some of his earlier 1:35 scale offerings.

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