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Ashley Bokisaurus
My forum name is Bokisaurus or “Boki” for short. My real name is Ashley. I started collecting dinosaur figures 13 years ago. When I started, I collected only figures from my favorite groups of dinosaurs: sauropods, ceratopsians, and duckbills. It’s only within the last 8 years that I started adding figures from all the different groups. Besides collecting dinosaur toy figures, my other passion in life is Art and the outdoors. I take every opportunity I have to go out to the coast or the forest, taking some dino figures with me to make dioramas as an added bonus! I live in Seattle, Washington where it’s always sunny :o)

Cloud the Dinosaur King

Hi, my name is Cloud the Dinosaur King, and yes, Cloud is my real first name. I have been collecting dinosaurs since the age of 7, but I only started putting them in a collection about a week before I started my YouTube channel ( which I started in early January. My love for dinosaurs started when I was in first grade on the last day of school when someone ran up to me and asked “Hey, what’s your favorite dinosaur?”. My response, “T. rex, what other dinosaurs are there?”. He just walked away. My favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus aegyptiacus because of its weirdness and how specialized it was. I live in the state of South Carolina. As far as pets go, currently I have 7 chickens, a Jackson’s Chameleon (I’m getting another one in June), a Mexican Fire-leg Tarantula, and a Hissing Cockroach. I hope you guys like my reviews!



Dr Andre Mursch (‘Brontodocus’)


Nathan Morris (‘Takama’)



Patrick Bate