Marc Vincent (aka ‘Horridus’)

My name’s Marc Vincent although I go by ‘Horridus’ on the forums. My interests include current affairs, dinosaurs (naturally!) and drinking myself to an early grave. Being a shameless populist my favourite extinct dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus; out of those extant it is surely the European magpie, Pica pica. I collect figures in a vain attempt to fill the awful, aching void in my soul and also because, you know, they’re cool to look at, and I find extinct animals fascinating – dinosaurs in particular

The Dinosaur Toy Blog reviews by Horridus:

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  1. Hi Marc,

    I just joined the forum & was wondering if I could get involved blog-wise too? Specifically, I was wondering if I could post dino-related book/video reviews & the like? As you may have heard, ART Evolved is going to sleep for the foreseeable future & I was hoping to find a new place to share my dino-related thoughts/opinions. I figured DTB would be best, partly b/c at least some of its authors (hopefully including you 😉 ) already know/like me & partly b/c you guys already post dino-related media reviews.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    HD-man (my username here)

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