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Foulkes Ambulocetus
« on: June 20, 2015, 05:56:33 PM »
Ambulocetus at the mold makers (Kirk Kirkland) now and will be ready soon. This model will make its debut at Jersey Fest this year. A 10 ft long aquatic Chimera of sorts, looking like a mammalian Croc/Otter? It lived 50 mil years ago in the Eocene Period in what is now Pakistan. It was a early relative of the Whale and shared many future features with whales. It was able to swallow under water, had no external ear, sensed vibrations through sensors in its lower jaw, and a chemical testing of its teeth showed it was able to adapt to both fresh and salt water. It lived a aquatic life style similar to Crocs, ambushing its prey and it had some nasty teeth similar to early whales. This model kit is 1/8th scale and is 14.5" long and comes with all you see here. Taking preorders NOW at $160 plus shipping. The cost will be more once production starts, so get in on it early. The more preorders, the sooner the model can get into production. Do you want to see this happen? I do, and cant wait to get some into my customers hands. Thanks for looking!