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The Unique Species Reference List
« on: May 06, 2013, 10:00:59 PM »
As is no doubt the case with most dinosaur collectors, we generally love any interesting prehistoric sculpts, but figures representing a species that has not been portrayed by any other figures (yet) are just particularly intriguing. I created this list with the intent of creating a comprehensive record of species that are only represented in the realm of toys/models/kits by a single known sculpt. I realize this sometimes is difficult to define, considering the various subspecies of dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters that make a clear delineation of a separate species hard (as illustrated by the Brachiosaurus/Giraffatitan debate), in which case the name the respective toy company put on their figure (if any) takes priority to establish just what species they thought they were releasing (even in cases when they were blatantly misinformed). I'm not excluding repaints or even resculpts.
Every time a species is revealed to be represented by multiple figures (for instance, when new figures are produced or a previously unheard of sculpt pops up), it gets scrapped from the list. Feel free to add species, missing pictures of previously named species (those pesky Yowies are particularly hard to catalogue) or debunk species as time goes by, but please do so in the original thread intended for that purpose:,763.0.html

Please do not post in this thread. It is intended solely for displaying the list itself, to make it easier for fellow collectors to find it and make good use of its existence.

Please note these pictures aren't mine but I have used them in the hopes the people who took them won't mind their pics being put to good use. If someone stumbles onto his/her pics and doesn't want them to be used here, please let me know.

Acanthopholis (Starlux)

Acheroraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Adamantisaurus (Ademar Pereira do Nascimento (APdN))

Adasaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Adocus (Dinosaur Train)

Aegirocassis (Paleo-Creatures)

Aeolosaurus (Lontic)

Aepyornis (Salas)
No picture available.

Alexornis (WWD Vivid Toys)

Alphadon (WWD Vivid Toys)

Altirhinus (Dinosaur King)

Amazonsaurus (Ademar Pereira do Nascimento)

Anchitherium (Bullyland)

Animantarx (Schleich)

Anomalochelys (Tokugawa)

Anthropornis (Yowies)

Anurognathus (Character Toys- Primeval line)

Aptornis (Yowies)

Araeoscelis (Imaginext)

Arandaspis (Yowies)

Archaeoceratops (Go Diego Go)
Top figure.

Arizonasaurus (Bullyland)

Asaphus Kowalewskii(Paleocasts)
Trilobite #3.

Asaphus Cornutus (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #6.

Astrodon (Saurian Studios)
The Sauropod.

Atlasaurus (EoFauna)

Atrociraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Attenborosaurus (CollectA)

Australiceras (Collecta)

Avaceratops (Saurian Studios)
No picture available.

Avimimus (Distinct Extinctions)
No picture available.

Australonycteris (Yowies)

Austrosaurus (Yowies)

Axelrodichthys (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S1)

Aysheaia (Tedco. Ltd.)

Bactrosaurus (Danone)

Baculites (Collecta)

Balaur (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Balbaroo (Yowies)

Barameda (Yowies)

Barapasaurus (Schleich)

Barbourofelis (Paleo Craft)

Barylambda (Nabisco)

Batrachognathus (Green)

Batrachotomus (Bullyland)

Baurutitan (Ademar Pereira do Nascimento)

Beishanlong (Collecta)

Bison Crassicornis (Tootsie Toys)

Bohra Paulae (Yowies)

Boluochia (Lovejoy)

Boreostracon (Chialu)

Brachipposideros (Yowies)

Bradysaurus (Starlux)

Buitreraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Cacops (Tokugawa)

Campylognathoides (Waiphoon)

Canadaspis (Favorite)

Captorhinus (unspecified Chinasaur)
Left figure.

Caviramus (Collecta)

Ceratogaulus (MPC)

Ceraurinella (Kaiyodo)

Champsosaurus (Wild Safari Prehistoric Crocodiles toob)

Chasmaporthetes (RalPartha)

Chasmatosaurus (Safari)

Chilantaisaurus (Vitae)

Chuanjiesaurus (Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004)

Chungkingosaurus (PNSO)

Coahuilaceratops (Lu Feng Shan)

Copepteryx (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S3)

Cotylorhynchus (Primaeval Designs)

Cratochelone (Yowies)

Cymbospondylus (Salas )
No picture available.

Dactylopsila (Yowies)

Daphoenus (RalPartha)

Darwinopterus (Geene Models)

Daxiatitan (Collecta)

Deltasaurus (Yowies)

Dicynodon (Tedco. Ltd.)

Dinogorgon (Schleich)

Dinohyus (Nabisco)

Diplomoceras (Collecta)

Diplomystus (Wild Safari: Ancient Fossils Toob)
The fish.

Dithyrocaris (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #10.

Douvilleiceras (Kaiyodo Dinotales S4)

Drepanosaurus (Tokugawa)

Dromornis (Yowies)

Dryopithecus (Bullyland)

Dubbolimulus (Yowies)

Echinochimaera (Action Products)

Ectenosaurus (PNSO)

Edestus (Wild Safari toob)

Ekaltadeta (Yowies)

Ektopodontid (Yowies)

Eldredgeia (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #7.

Emuarius (Yowies)

Eoalulavis (Paleo-Creatures)

Eogyrinus (PlayVision)

Eomaia (Lovejoy)

Eopelobates (Wild Safari)
The frog.

Eoraptor (Dana Gerath)
No picture available.

Epanterias (Saurian Studios)
No picture available.

Erectopus (Animasaurs)

Eryon (Kaiyodo Dinotales S4)

Erythrosuchus (Geene models)

Eudimorphodon (Gimiki's Journey)

Euhelopus (PNSO)

Euproops (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #9.

Europasaurus (Bullyland)

Europejara (Paleo-Creatures)

Europelta (Paleo-Creatures)

Euryzygoma (Yowies)

Exaeretodon (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Excalibosaurus (Collecta)

Fabrosaurus (Dinoz)

Falcarius (GeoWorld)

Fasolasuchus skeleton (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Frenguellisaurus (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Fulgurotherium (Yowies)

Funisia (Paleocasts)

Garudimimus (Castings)
Figure behind the Psittacosaurus in the foreground.

Geosaurus (Shreddies)

Gigantspinosaurus (Collecta)

Giraffatitan (W-Dragon)

Glaucodon (Yowies)

Glossotherium (LA Natural History Museum)
No picture available.

Glyphoderma (PNSO)

Glyptotherium (PaleoCraft)

Haikouella (Yujin)

Hainosaurus (Salas)

Harpagornis (Yowies)

Harpes (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #2.

Hatzegopteryx (Collecta)

Henkelotherium (Yujin)

Hesperonychus (WWD Vivid Toys)

Himalayasaurus (PNSO)

Hollardops (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #5.

Huanghetitan (PNSO)

Iberomesornis (Paleo-Creatures)

Iberosuchus (Paleo-Creatures)

Icarops (Yowies)

Ichthyovenator (Collecta)

Ischigualastia (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Janenschia (Dinoz)

Kakuru (Yowies)

Keichousaurus (PNSO)

Keratocephalus (Dino Waurs)

Kettneraspis (Yowies)

Kollikodon (Yowies)

Koreasaltipes (Sonokong)

Labidosaurus (Sculpteo)

Laggania (ROM: Primeval Predators)

Lechriodus (Yowies)

Lepidotes (Kanna DC)

Leptocleidus (Yowies)
Currently named Umoonasaurus.

Leptopterygius (Bullyland)
This one is undoubtedly controversial. While the figure itself only says 'Ichthyosaurus', its tag has it labeled as Leptopterygius. While I don't know what prompted the tag's different name, I feel gutsy enough to add it to the list because of it.

Lesothosaurus (Dinosaur Train)

Lessemsaurus (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)
Skeleton only.

Liaoceratops (PNSO)

Liasis (Yowies)

Linheraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Lisowicia (Collecta)

Lohuecotitan (Paleo-Creatures)

Lurdusaurus (Animasaurs)

Maledictosuchus (Paleo-Creatures)

Mammalodon (Yowies)

Mantellisaurus (Collecta)

Marella (Favorite)

Massospondylus (Unknown manufacturer)

Mauisaurus (Yowies)

Mawsonia (Takara Tomy)
It's the prey, not the predator itself.

Mawsonites (Yowies)

Mcnamaraspis (Yowies)

Medusaceratops (Collecta)

Megalibgwilia (Yowies)

Megalictis (RalPartha)

Megalneusaurus (Rader)

Megantereon (Paleo Craft)

Megistotherium (Salas)
No picture available.

Melanorosaurus (Kaiyodo)
No picture available.

Mercuriceratops (Collecta)

Michelinoceras (Dinosaur Train)

Mirischia (Ademar Pereira do Nascimento)

Mixopterus (Wild Safari)

Mixosaurus (PlayVision)

Moeritherium (Starlux)

Montealtosuchus (Wild Safari toob)

Muraenosaurus (FaunaCasts)

Murgonemys (Yowies)

Myllokunmingia (Fevres)

Mystriosuchus (Obscurus)

Nanantius (Yowies)

Nanshiungosaurus (Battat)

Naraoia (Wild Safari Cambrian life toob)

Nimbacinus (Yowies)

Nimiokoala (Yowies)

Ninjemys (Yowies)

Nipponites (Kaiyodo/National Museum)

Noctoryctes (Yowies)

Nothronychus (CollectA)

Omeisaurus (Max Salas)

Opisthocoelicaudia (Dinotales/UHA Collectors Club)

Oryctodromeus (Dinosaur Train)

Ostafrikasaurus (Hasbro)
Blue figure on the right.

Osteoborus (RalPartha)

Othnielosaurus/Othnielia (Discovery Kids)
Top figure.

Oxalaia (Guilherme Bilinski Art)

Ozraptor (Yowies)

Pachycrocuta (Paleo-Creatures)

Pachyornis (Yowies)

Pakicetus (Paleo-Creatures)

Paleolimulus (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #8.

Palaeotherium (Starlux)

Paljara Tiranenis (Yowies)

Paralititan (CollectA)

Parapuzosia (Collecta)

Paratypothorax (Bullyland)

Parksosaurus (WWD Vivid Toys)

Passeriformes (Unknown Murgon Songbird) (Yowies)

Pelagornis (Yowies)

Peltobatrachus (PlayVision)

Peltoceratoides (Wild Safari Ancient Fossils toob)
The Ammonite.

Pengana (Yowies)

Pentecopterus (Paleo-Creatures)

Peteinosaurus (Dinosaur Train)
Right figure.

Phacops (Paleocasts)
Trilobite #4.

Phascolonus (Yowies)

Phoeniconotius (Yowies)

Pituriaspis (Diramix)

Placochelys (Starlux)

Placodus (PlayVision)

Platyhystrix (PlayVision)

Platypterygius (Yowies)

Plesiosuchus (Wild Safari)

Pleuroceras (Collecta)

Pleurocystites (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S3)

Polyptychoceras (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S6)

Poraspis (Diramix)

Prenocephale (Yowies)

Preondactylus (Green)

Prestosuchus (Safari)

Pristichampsus (Wild Safari toob)

Procynosuchus (Bullyland)

Prognathodon (Cliff Green)

Promastodonsaurus (Dawn of the Dinos)

Propleopus (Yowies)

Prorastomus (PlayVision)

Protochirotherium (Bullyland)

Protolindenia (Rebor)

Psephoderma (Tokugawa)

Pseudokoala (Yowies)

Psychopyge (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S1)

Pteraspis (Kaiyodo Dinotales S2)

Ptilodus (Fevres)

Pulalias (Wild Safari)

Quadrimedusina (Bullyland)

Quinkana (Yowies)

Rajasaurus (CollectA)

Rapator (Yowies)

Rayonnoceras (Kaiyodo Dinotales S2)

Redlichia (Collecta)

Remigolepis (Paleocasts)

Repenomamus (Paleo-Creatures)

Rhizophascolonus (Yowies)

Rhoetosaurus (CollectA)

Rhomaleosaurus (CollectA Deluxe)

Rikisaurus (Yowies)

Riojasuchus (Wiccarth)
No picture available.

Rolfosteus (Yowies)

Rubeosaurus (Lu Feng Shan)

Sacisaurus (Ademar Pereira do Nascimento)

Saltriovenator (Collecta)

Samotherium (Fevres)

Sanctacaris (Wild Safari Cambrian Era toob)

Sarcoprion (Wild Safari Prehistoric Sharks toob)

Scansoriopteryx (Lovejoy)

Scipionyx (Favorite Desktop)

Sciurumimus (Collecta)

Siamotyrannus (Kaiyodo Dino Tales S1v2)

Siats (Mattel Jurassic World)

Siderops (Yowies)

Sidneyia (Wild Safari Cambrian Era toob)

Silvabestius (Yowies)

Sinemys (Kaiyodo Dinotales S1)

Sinornithosaurus (Safari Ltd.)

Sinraptor (Carnegie Collection)

Spinophorosaurus (Bullyland)

Spirifer (Starlux)
Top right figure.

Spriggina (Paleocasts)

Stagonolepis (QRF)
Smaller tan figure.

Stenopterygius (ROM)

Stephanorhinus (Paleo Creatures)

Steropodon (Yowies)

Stokesosaurus (Digitcards)

Syntarsus (Valent)

Szechuanosaurus (Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004)

Talarurus (Dino Waurs)
Middle figure.

Tanycolagreus (Paleo-Creatures)

Tarchia (skull) (Kaiyodo Dinotales/CollectClub)

Tasmaniosaurus (LK Yowies)

Tawa (Schleich)

Teleocrater (Paleo-Creatures)

Teratornis (LA Natural History Museum)

Teratosaurus (Matchbox)

Tetonius (Yujin)

Tetralophodon (Paleo-Creatures)

Thalassomedon (Collecta)

-Thecodontosaurus  (Transmutazors)
No picture available.

Tianchisaurus (Animasaurs)

Tianyulong (PNSO)

Timimus (Yowies)

Tingamarra (Yowies)

Titanotylopus (Starlux)

Toyotamaphimeia (Kaiyodo)

Triadobatrachus (PlayVision)

Triarthrus (Kaiyodo Dinotales S3)

Tricrepicephalus (Safari Cambrian Era toob)

Trilophosuchus (Yowies)

Trochosaurus (Kaiyodo Dinotales S3)

Tsaagan (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

Turiasaurus (Favorite)

Vagaceratops (Wild Safari)

Vauxia (Wild Safari Cambrian Era toob)

Wakaleo (Yowies)

Wannanosaurus (Bsr board game)
No picture available.

Wendiceratops (Lu Feng Shan)

Wonambi (Yowies)

Woolungasaurus (Yowies)

Xenocheryx (Paleo-Creatures)

Xenotarsosaurus (Dinoz)

Xiongguanlong (Collecta)

Yalkaparidon (Yowies)

Yarala (Yowies)

Yingabalanara (Yowies)

Zhanghenglong (Lu Feng Shan)

Zhejiangosaurus (Vitae)

Zhenyuanlong (Beasts of the Mesozoic)
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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
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i am just giving advise but the pawpawsaur i the middle is actually a saichania if you have seen tha cartoon it is small and pink
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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
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Does anyone have any Saurolophus in their collection? I just got a mini Saurolophus from a cheap set from Walmart. It is just yellow. It is pretty nice.


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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2017, 08:37:52 PM »
Does anyone have any Saurolophus in their collection? I just got a mini Saurolophus from a cheap set from Walmart. It is just yellow. It is pretty nice.

Please use the USL Discussion Thread for discussion:

And yes, there's plenty of Saurolophus figures.

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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
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Oh! What a surprise! Tyrannosaurus Rex is not in that list! ;D


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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
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Just out of curiosity, are shapeway figures ok to review? Eyeing up that Sivatherium


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Planeta de augustini Abelisaurus
« Reply #6 on: August 17, 2018, 03:01:43 AM »
Augustini made an Abelisaurus a while back I can't remember when but I will put a picture up.


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Re: The Unique Species Reference List
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2020, 07:53:18 PM »
Dakotaraptor and Dorudon have also been made by Paleo-Creatures
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