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Re: Halichoeres's drawings
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Legnonotus krambergeri (Bartram 1977)
Upper Triassic
colored pencil and ink
Legnonotus (Actinopterygii: Holostei: Ginglymodi) was a very primitive relative of gars, and had the heavy ganoid scales of gars. But the area around the dorsal fin base was bare skin, maybe to give it finer control of the individual fin rays. Knifefishes and bowfin use long fins like this to maneuver stealthily through complex environments, backward and forward. This could have been similar. It might also be a convenient place to suffuse with pigment during courtship and spawning (I chickened out, though, and left it in non-breeding condition).
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Re: Halichoeres's drawings
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I just stumbled upon this thread (I really ought to check out the art section more frequently), and man is your artwork absolutely beautiful. I've also learned of several interesting fishes for the first time checking this out, such as the eel shark (really want a figure of that now).

It also reminded me of how I used to draw a lot back in high school (mainly dragons). I really ought to get a sketch book and pick it back up again one of these days. On a similar note I ought to get back into sculpting as well, which I haven't done that since I was in high school either.
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Re: Halichoeres's drawings
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Apart from being an ichthyologist, you are a consecrated artist, you make some unusual drawings. I congratulate you Halichoeres, every day I like your thread more.


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Re: Halichoeres's drawings
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Love the stripe pattern, looks really natural.