Top ten Spinosauridae toys

Spinosaurus (procon/collectA)
Deluxe Spinosaurus (original version) (procon/collectA)
Baby spinosaurus (collectA)
Baryonyx (collectA)
Spinosaurus walking (collectA)
Spinosaurus swimming (collectA)
Deluxe Spinosaurus (2015 version)(collectA)
Deluxe Baryonyx (collectA)
Irritator (collectA)
Ichthyovenator (collectA)
Mini spinosaurus (collectA)
Mini Baryonyx (collectA)
Mini spinosaurus (Schleich)
Mini spinosaurus version 2 (Schleich)
Mini suchomimus (Schleich)
Baryonyx (Schleich)
Spinosaurus (replicasaurus by Schleich)
Spinosaurus (World of history 2008 by Schleich)
 Spinosaurus (World of history 2015 by Schleich)
Carnegie spinosaurus 1992
Carnegie spinosaurus 2009
Carnegie Baryonyx 2008
Spinosaurus (wild Safari 2001)
Suchomimus (wild Safari 2001)
Suchomimus (wild Safari 2014)
Baby spinosaurus (wild safari and Dino babies toob)
Spinosaurus (toobs by Safari)
Baryonyx (toobs by Safari)
Spinosaurus (great dinos by safari)
Baryonyx (Natural history museum, Invicta)
Suchomimus (Dinotales by Kayodo)
Spinosaurus (dinotales series 5 by Kayodo)
Suchomimus (geoworld)
Baryonyx (geoworld)
Articulated Baryonyx (geoworld)
Spinosaurus (geoworld)
Spinosaurus (Papo)
Baryonyx (Papo)
Mini spinosaurus (Papo)
Baby spinosaurus (PNSO)
Spinosaurus (fame master)
Spinosaurus (Jurassic world bashers and blisters)
Spinosaurus (Kabaya)
Spinosaurus (Soft model by favorite co.ltd)
Spinosaurus (soft model series 2 by favorite co.ltd)
Electronic Baryonyx (Jurassic park)
Spinosaurus (Jurassic park, the lost world)
Baryonyx (Jurassic park, the lost World Series 2)
Spinosaurus (Jurassic park 3)
Poseable spinosaurus (Jurassic park 3)
Aqua spinosaurus (Jurassic park 3)
Animatronic spinosaurus (Jurassic park 3)
Remote control spinosaurus (Jurassic park 3)
Spinosaurus (tsukuda hobby collection)
Spinosaurus (Expo 2016 by kayodo)
Spinosaurus (bullyland 2012)
Spinosaurus (furuta)
Spinosaurus (mojo fun)
Baryonyx (natural history museum, Toyway)
Spinosaurus (Takara tomy)
Updated Spinosaurus (Colorata Cretaceous Volume 2 box)
Spinosaurus (Colorata Cretaceous Volume 2 box)
Spinosaurus (Dinomike collection and PaleoCreatures collection)
Spinosaurus (Vitamin-Imagination, on Shapeways)

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Re: Top 10 Spinosauridae toys [active]
« Reply #60 on: May 28, 2017, 08:21:32 PM »
The Jp3 Animatronic Spino needs more love!


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Re: Top 10 Spinosauridae toys [Complete]
« Reply #61 on: July 16, 2017, 12:33:03 PM »
Topic marked as complete. Here's the video of the results.


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Re: Top 10 Spinosauridae toys [Complete]
« Reply #62 on: December 18, 2017, 04:35:51 PM »
At the time of release the final Carnegie was an elegant show piece and accurate.
The original Wild Safari figure was prescient and never got the recognition it deserved.
The Takara Tomy Dinosaur Train Old Spinosaurus is owed some recognition for the inspiration for the Papo gnarly Baryonyx.
My favorite is the CollectA Swimming Spinosaurus, the other Walking and Deluxe figures are also must have figures.
For range of spinosaurs hard to beat CollectA.
The Kaiyodo distribution is so limited that I don't really count them.
There are several funky collectable JP Baryonyx figures mostly because they are so rare. I would count JP figures as a separate category or a separate animal. I must admit I am waiting to see what with get for a Baryonyx with the next movie.
You can never have too many dinosaurs