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Need pricing help, please
« on: May 21, 2017, 03:06:10 PM »
[img]Hi all, I'm new here!
Unfortunately, for several reasons, it's time for my dino riders to find a new loving home.
They are incomplete, but I'm sure the little missing parts could be found.

I have a Stegosaurus (missing weapons from the top of the armor), T-Rex (battery operated walking works! But missing the plastic piece that connects the platform behind his head for someone to stand on, the grabbers are mia so guns are in their place, and a couple of other armor sections around the riders missing), and Brontosaurus. (missing some weapons and little accessories from the side panels)

The reason this isn't on the classifieds yet is I'd really appreciate some impartial help when it comes to naming prices. I know they are valuable, but not where to start in terms of pricing to sell. (Also, is ebay the best way to go, or the classifieds on here?)

Thanks so much for your help!