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Hello once again,fellow members and readers. Today here, I will show you my dinosaur book collection and CDs,DVDs,stickers,...[Click on the links].
Without further a do, let's take a closer look:
1.Dougal Dixon's dinosaur book and dinosaur and prehistoric animal books.
2. An interesting dinosaur book that I have.
3.My collection of dinosaur figures.
4.A childhood dinosaur drawing of mine.
5. DK 'DINOSAUR!' book, highly recommended book, with realistic 3D images.
6. DK Eyewitness Guides 'Prehistoric Life' book. A very old book in my collection.
7. A 'Dinosaur Atlas' book. Shows the geographies and oceans in ancient times and where dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals lived.
8. Another DK book, called 'Prehistoric'. This book is great, illustrating the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric life in 3D. Highly recommended.
9. My dinosaur stickers, really cute, highly recommended for kids.
10. The king of my dinosaur book collection, 'The children's illustrated encyclopedia of dinosaur and prehistoric animals.' A birthday gift from my mother last year. I am so happy to own this book.
11. 'Which dinosaur had a sting on its tail?' by Dreamlands Publications. Mostly a children's book, but I still like it.
12. 'The great book of dinosaurs.' I simply love this book. The illustrations in this book are by John Sibbick, a legend of Paleoart, after Zdenek Burian.
13.'Gumdrop and the dinosaur.' A children's storybook in which there are funny and cartoonish dinosaurs. I like this book.
14. 'Dinosaur dictionary.' Another king of my dinosaur book collection, I simply love this book. I bring it everywhere with me.
15. 'The dinosaur who lost his roar.' Another children's storybook. Very funny.
16. 'My Album of dinosaurs.' by Navneet Publications.
17. Two of my dinosaur models which act as decorations for my desk in my room.
18. A dinosaur chart of mine.
19. Some cute chinasaurs.
20.Cool 3D dinosaur bookmark and card.
21. Dinosaur puzzle.
22. A cool 3D pop-up dinosaur illustration from a childrens' dinosaur pop-up book.
23. A dinosaur diorama.
24.Another dinosaur book for children.
25. And finally, my dinosaur CDs, DVDs and films. Films include 'Land of the Lost',Disney's 2000 movie 'Dinosaur'. Games include Lego Jurassic World Windows 10 and Ice Age3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs for PS2.

Hope you enjoyed until next time, cheers! ;)
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