Author Topic: Leave a feedback or reply on my posts on how you think of them.  (Read 764 times)

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Hello all, I have noticed since I joined the DinosaurToyForum and started to post, I do not receive at least one reply. You will notice that on my posts nowadays, I have 0 received replies. Before, I used to receive replies from you, and it is important to leave your opinion, so that I can improve. Among a list of topics, my posts are the only ones that do not have replies. I know, it is not always necessary to leave replies and you have your outside life, take for example, I have sent a review and I do not know if the person has received it. Everyday, I check my gmail inbox, and nobody has replied. I feel like an outsider of the group. I do not want to be the attention of the center, but I always have views on my posts, but no replies nowadays, I received replies before as I said, but nowadays, no. I am really lucky to be with you, and I am infinitely grateful to all the persons who helped me to be with you. Among all that I said, I only want a reply to my posts. I will never know if you can see my photos or I will never know your opinion about my posts if you do not leave a reply or your opinion.What do the other members of the forum have and post that I do not have and post? Thank you for your attention.
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Re: Leave a feedback or reply on my posts on how you think of them.
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I looked back at your posts. I think you will be more likely to get replies if you learn how to embed your images: At the moment, all of your posts contain links. Ask in that thread if you need help.

Also, people will reply to you if they have something worth saying. If they don't reply, it is because they didn't have anything to say, not because they are ignoring you. Some people have replied to you, anyway.

Re: submitting to the blog, I remember you complianing about this before, and our advice is the same now as it was back then. Be patient. Pestering doesn't help. If your email didn't bounce back then we got it and it is in a queue.

I'm locking this topic because there is nothing to discuss. Thanks for your understanding.