Author Topic: Bioniclesaurus's Dinosaur Island season 5 theories!  (Read 520 times)


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Bioniclesaurus's Dinosaur Island season 5 theories!
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:44:59 AM »
So I don't know if any one hear watches Dinosaur island or if Bionicle uses the forum but if he sees this well uh, hello! So he dropped the first big trailer so im going to theorize over the whole season!
 First off it looks amazing! It feels a lot like season 2 my favorite season.  Season 4 felt  dark witch was a probably intentional considering the circumstances in the story. But this feels like a good mark with a nice number of dark scenes and bright scenes. It overall feels a bit more "happy" I guess? It also has a lot more characters this time around witch I really Like. I just wonder if William and Michelle will be making reappearances as they were some nice characters Michelle was comic relief and William as a rollercoaster of awful things happening such and getting a ceratopsian horn in your leg to having a kind of normal day.Onto the theories.
 I'll start with the teaser images.
 The first one is just the end of episode 13. we see Jane the T.rex get confronted by two tyrannosaurs most likely not new characters but characters from Dinosaur island revival. though one at least appeared in Di before with one being only seen so far in DIR.
Teaser image 2 is of a pair of certosaurus hunting something and following its tracks. Maybe its an important character. The ceratosaurs are the papo and safari ones and in the first trailer in the fire we see the same papo ceratosaurus so I think the pair are going to be important characters.
Teaser image 3 is of a lone diplodocus and is titled lost giant. In the first trailer we see a herd of sauropods. So I think it some how (maybe the storm or fire that happens sometime). We also see a dead triceratops but idk on that one.
In teaser video 1 we see the DI team using a quadcopter at night with and have it knocked down by a giga. Bionicle's character the narrator and a new human character get very scared, maybe the are standing next or near to the copter and giga.
In teaser video 2 "under the moonlight we see an einiosaurus running around in the woods at night. we see the same einiosaur in the trailer. He gets confronted by the giga and an  acro who we see in the trailer as well as an allosaur who appears to be a main character for how much we've seen him as well as the papo and safari ceratosaurus's . So either these are not all related or due to a time of stress all these carnivores are hunting the only available food source.
In the 3rd teaser video we see what is probably a big part of season five the storm and the fire. It's stated that lightning is very rare on the island. and it also causes a huge fire. We see our allosaur friend once again. we also see Jane the T.rex the main character of season 4. Then we see the fire start. this is very important.
Onto the first trailer. 
It starts with some pretty funny narration and clips of dinos. We see our giga friend and  a stegosaur most likely having to do with Jane. And a cryolophosaurus he is probably going to be a character. We also see a paras foot in muddy terrain the same terrain we saw our allosaur friend. Next we see our aforementioned sauropod herd consisting of amargosaurs, brachiosaurs, some not lost diplodocus, and camarosaurs.  Are giga maybe limping through a forest. The green T.rex we saw at the end of season 4 and in teaser image 1. We see a ceolophysis running through THE ROCK DESERT! a place I don't think we've seen since season 2! We see the acro from teaser 2 again at night. We see Jane eyeing down prey, the stegosaur in I think the Northern Grasslands or the Northern Savanna? Idk on that its hard to tell. but based on the green grass I'd say Grasslands. We see our einiosaur moving slower. He's either week or getting ready to fight and making himself look intimidating. Next we get a shot of our allosaur friend who I will just call Al'. The einiosaur running franticly away. Maybe he wasn't doing either of what I guessed and was preparing to run away. We get a look at the giga charging at something in the same field, I think its the savanna based on the the grass color. It's more brown like a Savanna. We see the para running away. Jane ant the steg fighting. Al' probably hunting the para. A Triceratops in what is probably Grasslands. An Amargosaur. Next we see the cryo get stabbed in the arm pit by a diabloceratops. Jane roaring. The foot of the other tyrannosaur from teaser one stomping the dirt in. a T.rex at night, can't tell who though. A shot of the beach? Jane drinking from a river. Then Jane charging at a downed steg. We get some narration and some shots of dinosaurs and then we see the fire! We see Shredder and Katana the utahraptors eating a kill then noticing the flames as well as the single papo ceratosaur. Then We get the DI theme song and big letters spelling out "Dinosaur Island Season 5 coming October 31 first". Then we see the other T.rex roaring at the camera! So Thank your for reading. This took along time to right. Talk about this stuff in the comments!
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