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Dinosaur Days
« on: August 18, 2018, 09:09:48 PM »
So Dinosaur Days is still a favorite dinosaur book of mine. Now I don't have either one as of now but I am wanting to order both of them. the
original is pretty old but still amazing and pretty accurate. It talks about the beginning of the Mesozoic with a saltopus running around near a river dodging crocodiles then they move on to the Jurassic with Stegosaurus and brontosaurus. It then talks about how not all dinosaurs lived at the same time and moves on to hell creek as  triceratops,struthiomimus,hadrosaurs,ankylosaurus, and tyrannosaurus all appear. It talks about how dinosaurs cared for babies using protoceratops and what colors dinosaurs might be. as well as covering pterosaurs and plesiosaurs. However it ends with the dinosaurs dying of unknown causes. The last page is of a saber tooth cat roaring at mammoths saying "And the Dinosaur days were no more" And the remake is even better! It actually starts with a panphagia running through a Triassic jungle while pursued by a postosuchid, instead of brontosaurus it features argentinosaurus. Instead of stegosaurus it uses scelidosaurus. It talks about hell creak again with the same newly  updated cast of critters and creatures. It talks about feathered dinosaurs and how we know their color! And how overaptors like citipati watched over their babies. As well as pterosaurs and plesiosaurs ounce again And it ends with the asteroid and the dinosaurs dying... or so we thought. It talks about how birds are dinosaurs and remarks "And the dinosaur days went on!".  They really are great books I would recommend them to any one who wants a good read. Thoughts?
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