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The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur
« on: August 17, 2019, 04:36:05 PM »
I just had the pleasure of reviewing Vaishali Shroff's The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur. This combination storybook and encyclopedia brings some much needed attention to the dinosaurs of India, which don't get nearly the publicity they deserve in pop culture! The dinosaur reconstructions aren't necessarily the most rigorous, especially in the storybook section, but it fills a much needed niche in the realm of children's dinosaur books, so I'm inclined to let that slide.
See my review here:

Padma and her grandmother Baa examining fossils found in their pastures.

Padma, Baa, "Rock Uncle" the paleontologist, and "Bluethingasaurus" arrive at the sauropod kingdom of Jabalpuriya.


A considerably better Barapasaurus than the hideous Schleich version, yes?

A bit on the Deccan traps, and Aaliya Farhat Babi, the paleontologist Princess of Balasinor!
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