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Paleozoo Dunkleosteus
« on: November 01, 2019, 04:34:25 AM »

Paleozoo Dunkleosteus terrelli model.

Dunkleosteus terrelli is an extinct arthrodire placoderm from the Late Devonian period (358-382 ma).
The apex predator of its time Dunkleosteus grew up to 9 metres in length and was possibly the largest of all
creatures that existed during the Devonian Age of Fishes.

This highly detailed, model (200 mm long - scale 1:45) is made of gypsum and has been created by paleoartist Bruce Currie using
state of the art 3D printing technology. After initial printing the model undergoes a secondary process that enhances surface quality,
accentuates colouration and provides protection against UV damage and handling. This model also receives a small amount of hand
finishing before being packaged and shipped along with a detailed information card.
All Paleozoo models come with tracking details and a no-damage-in-transit guarantee.

This is a carefully researched model. Further information on Dunkleosteus terrelli can be found at

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