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Selling some old stuff!
« on: December 13, 2019, 08:17:05 PM »
Hello, this is the first in a wave of posts that I will make. I have run out of room for my dinosaurs and need to get rid of some :( it really sucks but oh well. The first round are some Jurassic Park/World toys. All of them are in played-with condition, I will try to be more specific in the description. I also will only ship to the US. I am willing to bargain as long as the offer is not absurdly low.

Hasbro Indominus Rex. Still works to the best of my knowledge. Has a small paint scuff on the left side and does not stand up well. I am asking $25 + shipping.

Pesky paint scuff >:(

The Lost World Kenner Chasmosaurus $5 + shipping. Worn condition with lots of paint wear. Does not work.

The Lost World Kenner Parasaurolophus. $7+ Shipping. Does not work and has paint ware.

The Lost World Pachycephalosaurus Kenner. No dino damage. The head fell off at one point and I reattached it. It has paint ware and is missing the dino damage piece. I am asking $12 plus shipping. 

Thank you and please PM me with any questions. :) 
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