Ankylosaurus (Jurassic World Hero Mashers by Hasbro)

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We’ve looked at an Ultra set, we’ve looked at a Deluxe set, and now it’s time to look at a Basic Jurassic World Hero Mashers Set. Specifically, that iconic walking battle tank, Ankylosaurus magniventris.


The Ankylosaurus is made up of seven parts. The main colours are mustard yellow and cerulean blue with light blue eyes, a pink mouth, and white teeth. When assembled, the fused lizard measures 17 cm long.


Like all Hero Mashers, this is a questionable representation of the real animal at best. The head has the four familiar squamorsal horns jutting out at the back, but also a fifth horn on top. The back armour consists of six flat spikes jutting out of flat plates and two raised sockets. The belly appears to be covered in thick, armadillo-like armour, which is cool, but wrong. The tail club has four rounded blades jutting out from it, like a medieval mace. And finally, not only are the legs misproportioned, but the front pair are jointed wrong. As a children’s toy, it still has appeal, but to the adult dinosaur enthusiast’s eye, this is all rather offensive.


On the positive side, the Ankylosaurus boasts excellent poseability. The neck, limbs, and tail all have the standard universal joints and the lower jaw is hinged. But as with all the Basic Hero Mashers, this one comes with no extra parts, so you’ll have to buy at least one another set in order to engage in mishmashing.


Overall, the Hero Mashers Ankylosaurus is one of the weakest sets due to its limited playability and weird proportions (even for a toy like this). Unless you’ve got children, a fondness for ankylosaurs, or plan on buying more sets, give this one a pass.


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