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Upcoming releases from Bullyland (New for 2014)

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We’ve had a good ogle at the upcoming (or already released) 2014 dinosaur figures from Papo, Schleich, Safari Ltd, and CollectA, but there’s another well-known long-standing dinosaur toy-producing company who are serving up some new offerings this year. We wouldn’t want to miss out on German company, Bullyland! Bullyland have been a bit ‘hit and miss’ in the last few years, with only a limited number of annual new releases, so it is always interesting to see what species Bullyland opt for.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2014)

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So, CollectA have done it yet again! They’ve announced more 2014 figures than you can shake a cycad leaf at. So, as has become dinotoyblog tradition, let’s summarise the news here for posterity. The 12 new prehistoric critter models being released by CollectA this year, are, in alphabetical order:




Ichthyovenator with fish


Quetzalcoatlus with baby sauropod


Stegosaurus corpse


Tyrannosaurus juvenile


Some of these look smashing, but I’ll reserve commenting on these figures until they are released and reviewed properly on the dinotoyblog.

Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2014)

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When it comes to dinosaur lines, Schleich have been a bit of a let down in recent years. Not only have they retired a large proportion of their prehistoric animal figures, their most recent sculpts have been ugly and anatomically incorrect. The sort of toys that wouldn’t seem out of place in a bargain bin of ‘Made in China’ ‘Chinasaurs’.

Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2014)

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It has become an annual dinotoyblog tradition, around this time of year, to post an overview of each toy company’s upcoming dinosaur figures. So, here we go again, starting with Safari Ltd.
There’s just a single new addition to the Carnegie Collection in 2014, a brand new version of the ever-popular T.

Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2013)

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Although it’s only September, Safari Ltd have already provided information on the new figures they plan to release in 2013. The line up of prehistoric animals includes one new addition to the Carnegie Collection, several new critters in the Wild Safari line, and a new ‘toob’. Presumably information about the new releases from CollectA, Papo, and Bullyland will follow shortly.

Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2012 – winners!

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I’m pleased to announce the results of the Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2012, sponsored by Dan’s Dinosaurs. This year we had the largest number of entries ever and the standard was incredibly high. However, one diorama stood head and shoulders above the rest, both in the public vote and also in the opinion of the judges, so first place winner this year is especially deserved.

The Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2012 – Now Open

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I’m pleased to announce The Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2012, sponsored by Dan’s Dinosaurs, is now open! For several reasons there was no contest in 2011, but now, we’re back for 2012! And we have prizes again!

First place winner of the 2010 contest: ‘The Bully Boyz’ by Paleoferroequine
The rules and regulations for the 2012 contest are as follows:
-Entry is free.

Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2012)

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We’re joining this particular party late as the following Safari Ltd photos have been circulating the interwebs for months now, so it’s about time we posted them here to complete (more-or-less) our round up of new dinosaur figures for 2012. So, here’s a preview of Safari Ltd’s offerings for this year.

Upcoming releases from Bullyland (New for 2012)

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We’ve already previewed the upcoming offerings from CollectA (New CollectAs for 2012) and Papo (New Papos for 2012), so now we’ll have a peek at what Bullyland have in the pipeline. They have two new figures for our perusal, a somewhat googly-eyed Spinosaurus, and a feathered Therizinosaurus.
The Spinosaurus:

The Therizinosaurus:

Bullyland are continuing their trend of adding points of articulation to their figures, presumably to increase playability and provide a marketing hook, so the new releases have moveable arms and jaws, respectively.

Upcoming releases from Papo (New for 2012)

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Up until about a week or so ago I was intending to lump the modest parade of new 2012 figures by Safari Ltd, Papo, and other non-CollectA companies, into a single post. That was before the slow trickle of anticipated 2012 releases from these companies swelled to a veritable torrent , almost, but not quite, matching the army of  figures CollectA has in store for us next year.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2012)

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Ah CollectA, what did we ever do without you?  CollectA have pushed out the boat once more with another bona fide bonanza of new figures for us in 2012. Their massive line up of 21 new sculpts will add considerable taxonomic diversity to their ranks, but more than that, CollectA has raised its game with a clear increase in quality to match quantity.

Upcoming dinosaur releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2011)

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Safari Ltd have another great spread laid on for 2011, with two new additions to the Carnegie Collection, five new Wild Safari dinosaurs, and two new toobs. I’m sure we’ll review the figures properly when they are released next year but in the meantime let’s overview what’s in the pipeline based on Safari Ltd’s publicity shots…
Safari Ltd is dedicated to releasing two new Carnegie figures every year, sculpted by Forrest Rogers.
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