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Dusty the Diplocaulus (Paleo Pals)

One of the most recognizable of prehistoric amphibians, this life-size plush toy will undoubtedly be a hit for paleo nerds of all ages.

Giganotosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. ltd)

Although we aren’t short on good-quality Giganotosaurus toys these days, Favorite’s new take is a worthwhile rendition with a few unique traits of its own.

Giganotosaurus Juvenile (Age of the Dinos 2019 by Schleich)

Although the figure has its drawbacks, this is a marked improvement over the company’s other depictions of this Argentinian theropod.

Glyptodont (MPC)

One of the oldest toys of an iconic extinct mammal family still holds up pretty well, especialy alongside its more derivative contemproraries.

Iguanodon (Soft Model 2020 series by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

This is an overall pleasing and recognizable figure of the famous dinosaur, but it does have some setbacks in design for a 2020 rendition.

Liopleurodon (Dinotales Series 1, Versions A and B by Kaiyodo)

Although these figures might fall short of Dinotales’ best, they are still delightful and unique representations of the famous Jurassic pliosaur.

Megalodon (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

This is no mere great white copy; Patton the Megalodon is a grade-A movie monster, a hulking brute with commanding shelf presence.

Mosasaurus (Dino Escape by Mattel)

Mattel’s take on Jurassic World’s giant sea reptile is back as big and beautiful as ever, with a few new interesting quirks up its plastic sleeve.

Mosasaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Kazunaki Araki’s sculpt reflects how our scientific understanding of Mosasaurus has changed, while retaining more classic, retro traits in appearance.

Opabinia “Oakley” (Paleo Pals)

However you look at it, Opabinia was a remarkably odd-looking creature – so it’s a natural choice for a big cuddly plush toy, right?

Opabinia (Soft Model by Favorite co.)

This model is reconstructed with ample attention to detail for this alien-looking wonder from the Cambrian.

Pachycephalosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Kinto Favorite)

Despite the figure’s small size, there are plenty of fine details to appreciate on this release from Kinto/Favorite’s earlier days.

Palaeoloxodon naumanni (Dinotales Series 4 by Kaiyodo)

A smaller relative of true Cenozoic giants, this diminutive figure bears itself in a convincingly lifelike manner with plenty of detail.

Patagotitan (Wild Safari: Prehistoric World by Safari ltd.)

Safari’s first dinosaur of 2022 has finally arrived, and while it might not be the show-stopper some would hope for, this sauropod is a well-made representation closely based on published material.

Psittacosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic 1:18 by Creative Beast Studio)

A few quibbles over design don’t stop this lively little figurine from exceeding my expectations and becoming one of my new favorites in the Beasts of the Mesozoic line.