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Dinosaurs (LEGO Duplo)

4 (4 votes)
Thanks to the incredible team of Dr Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit most readers will be familiar with the certain incarnations of dinosaurs in the world of LEGO. Especially the figures released in the Jurassic World Franchise can achieve a serious price amongst collectors but there’s way more dinosaur figures in the LEGO universe than those.

Dinosaurs (Tim Mee Toys by J. Lloyd International Inc.)

4.6 (25 votes)

Back in 2012 a representative from the toy vendor VictoryBuy joined the Dinosaur Toy forum looking for member feedback with regards to reissuing the Tim Mee set of toy dinosaurs, originally produced in the 1970’s. Flashforward to 2014 and VictoryBuy once again stopped by the forum, this time to announce the actual release of the set.

Dinosaurs I (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

2.9 (12 votes)

These six little dinos, sculpted by the Carnegie Collection’s own Forest Rogers, may look pretty dated today; but they manage to blend old and new aspects of science to produce a charming set as a whole.

Safari ltd. stands as one of the giants of educational, scientifically accurate dinosaur & animal toys today; but it’s easy to forget the company didn’t start out this way.

Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Museum Collection, Series 2 (Larami Corp)

2.3 (10 votes)

Larami’s Museum set is looking pretty dated now, but it’s a charming playset all the same and one of the more memorable imitators out there.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; by that metric the dinosaur toy industry has been incredibly generous towards the leading toy brands.

Discover Dinosaurs: Dino Cretaceous Vol. 1 by Colorata

3.6 (10 votes)
Colorata’s first dinosaur set doesn’t hold up perfectly to modern science, but overall these are nicely made figures good for both play and display.
There seem to be regrettably few quality dinosaur playsets on the market these days, be it for adult collectors or kids. However, the number is not zero.

Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout (Jurassic World by LEGO)

4.1 (8 votes)

“Season’s Greetings, fellow dinosaur lovers! Yes, it is I, Dr. Bella Bricking and my invaluable assistant and companion Beth Buildit, back once again to celebrate the holidays with you!”

“Hiya, folks. Sure hope 2021 was kinder to all of you than 2020 was. Suffering studs, did that year ever bite.

Explorer with Dinos (1.2.3 by Playmobil)

3.6 (5 votes)
Playmobil’s 1.2.3 line is the equivalent of Lego’s Duplo line: simpler, safer versions of their main products aimed at toddlers. When I saw that there was a dinosaur-themed set among the 2018 releases, I knew that I had to get it for my son. As I write this, he’s still far too little to understand the first thing about prehistory, but he certainly enjoys banging the toys together or sucking on them.

Feathered Dinos Tube (Safari Ltd)

4 (13 votes)
Safari Ltd have produced several tubes (or ‘toobs’ as they call them) that contain a diverse selection of mini-dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. These tubes are a great choice for the indecisive amongst us. Why pick one single large dinosaur when you can get an entire tube of small dinosaurs for the same price.

Halfbaby Dinosaur Set (Yantai, distributed by Learnplay Inc.)

3.2 (5 votes)

Review and photos by Charles Peckham, edited by Suspsy

Trying to find information about either the creator of these toys, a Chinese company named Yantai, or their American distributor, Learnplay Inc., isn’t easy. According to one of the few sources I was able to find, Yantai has been around since 2011 and their Halftoy line is just one of hundreds of designs they have made.

Herbivore dinosaur set (Wenno)

2.3 (6 votes)

Cheap dinosaur sets are fairly common on the market, offering a variety of creatures for a reasonable price (though usually picked from a very select group of species), something to keep kids entertained for a few hours. Wenno are a prime example of this, having released a few sets for ancient and modern species.

Jurassic World Dominion Minis part 2 (Jurassic World by Mattel)

4 (12 votes)

Well, I’ve shown you the worst of this line, let’s waste no time and get straight on to the best of them!

Starting off the top half is everyone’s favourite three horned herbivore Triceratops. This features one of the best poses of the lot (something I haven’t talked at length about as most the figures are in a generic standing pose), an aggressive fight pose, all the better when you have two to joust with.

Kosmoceratops (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

3.8 (9 votes)
A couple years ago I had the privilege of attending a presentation by paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson at my local museum. The presentation was called “Dinosaurs of the Lost Continent” and concerned the recent discoveries being made in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. When the time came to discuss Kosmoceratops he proclaimed “Triceratops had three horns, but Kosmoceratops blows it out of the water with 15 horns.” It was clear from the presentation that he’s a fan of the genus and if you like a lot of horns on your dinosaur than this is certainly the one for you.

Kosmoceratops (CollectA)

2.8 (8 votes)
Guest review and photos by ‘Aliciaraptor, edited by Plesiosauria.
Ceratopsians are truly fascinating beasts. The first dinosaur I was introduced to as a child, was good ol’ three horns, Triceratops. Back then I used to collect AAA dinosaur toys, which at the time seemed like the best dinosaur toys around.

Kosmoceratops (Jurassic World: Legacy by Mattel)

3.2 (11 votes)

Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

A great change is upon us. It appears that an endless stream of prehistoric creature toys and figures is everywhere now. Every Target store I visit during these horrible times are just full of dinosaur toys, and that is, at least for me, a reason to get up in the morning, put on my mask, and hunt like when I was a kid.

Mercuriceratops (CollectA)

4.3 (16 votes)
Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy
Without a doubt, CollectA has emerged as the leading toy company when it comes to producing ceratopsian figures. They love ceratopsians, and lets face it, who doesn’t? To date, they have, if I am correct, released 14 species, more than any other company.
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