Classification: Ichthyosaur

Prehistoric Marine Tube (CollectA)

5 (8 votes)

CollectA has emerged as one of the most prolific producers of dinosaur figures, with a few other Mesozoic reptiles and some mammals here and there for variety. They’ve developed a reputation for giving some obscure species the plastic treatment, but in general those species have been fairly close relatives of the old standards.

Prehistoric Sea Life Toob (Safari Ltd.)

4.3 (12 votes)
Review by Cordylus, photos and figure captions by Plesiosauria
This is truely a marine reptile lover’s dream come true. For years, Nothosaurus, Metriorhynchus, Basilosaurus and the like were all hard to find and expensive (if there were any to even be found) – until now.
Last september the dinosaur collecting community was stunned by the toys safari ltd was going to release the next year; now, most safari dinosaurs so far this year have been released.

Shastasaurus (CollectA)

4.8 (96 votes)

Review and images by Kikimalou, edited by Suspsy

This is the very first time I’ve submitted a review for DTB and I thought that the new 2023 CollectA Shastasaurus would do the trick. What attracted me to this new ichthyosaur is the black and white interpretation. I like it when a creature from the past smells of convergent evolution.

Shonisaurus (Schleich)

4.4 (11 votes)

Shonisaurus was an upper Triassic Ichtyosaur from Northern Ameria that probably fit the ecological niche of today´s sperm whales. The fact that adult animals did not have teeth can as well lead to the conclusion that it could have been a plankton filtering animal. Shonisaurus sikanniensis with a length of some 23m is the largest marine reptile that has been described by now.

Temnodontosaurus (Birthing)(CollectA)

4.8 (13 votes)
Her long, hard months of effort, of endless hunting and feeding, have come to an end. With one final push, the mother expels the baby from her womb and into a world full of danger. But if he can manage to survive and catch his own food, the little swimmer will eventually grow into the top predator of his domain.
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