Classification: Ornithomimosaur

Review: Jurassic World Dominion Minis part 1 (Jurassic World by Mattel)

3.5 (14 votes)

The Jurassic Park/World has had it’s fair share of miniature dino models, from the original metal ones to hard plastic. Now Jurassic World Dominion brings hard (ish) rubber, safer for siblings, and we see one and two packs of minis, giving plenty of material to review. But how to cover them?

Review: Legacy 6-Pack (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.3 (10 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

I ended up picking up this Legacy Collection 6 pack during the 2018 holiday season while it was on clearance at Target, after waiting most of the year being indecisive about it. I’ve decided it’s definitely a nice little set of figures, even if most are repaints.

Review: Mini Figures Collection (Battat)

4.4 (12 votes)
Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy
The Battat line of 1:40 scale dinosaurs is so famous that it needs little introduction. Rightly so, as these figures are some of the best representation of dinosaurs in toy form. In fact, even after 20+ years, the line is still is considered one of the best.

Review: Ornithomimid (unknown company)

3.3 (7 votes)
This little fellow is a good example of my preference of somewhat unusual dinosaur figures. It is a little ornithomimid and neither do I know the company nor its exact species description.
It represents a very old way of posing dinosaurs, kangaroo-style with a broken tail and hands that remind me at the paw of a rabbit when it is standing on its hind legs.

Review: Ornithomimus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

3.1 (8 votes)
Photographs and review by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Ornithomimids seem to be getting more and more popular in the realms of figures and collectibles. But of the great and diverse clade, it is surprising that Ornithomimus itself seems to be oddly absent, with few companies taking on the task of recreating this rather famous dinosaur.
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Review: Pelecanimimus (De Agostini)

3.8 (5 votes)

Back in the 1990s there was a publication called “Dinosaurs!”. Publisher De Agostini would introduce to us the dinosaurs and their world in many issues. One special dinosaur would get a titlee story, there were stories about other dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts, a 3D – poster in the middle of each issue and on the last side my former idol Dr.

Review: Struthiomimus (Marx)

Struthiomimus dinosaur toy by Marx

4 (25 votes)

Review and Photos by BlueKrono and DinoToyBlog.

Struthiomimus, the ‘ostrich mimic’, was named in 1917 for a species (S. altus) originally referred in 1903 to the closely related genus Ornithomimus. Despite the history of ornithomimosaurs spanning back to the late 1800s, they are relatively rarely made as toys.

Review: Struthiomimus (Thunder-Beasts by Sky Kids)

1.7 (12 votes)

Growing up in the 90’s I had quite the collection of toy dinosaurs from a multitude of companies. Everything from UKRD, AAA, and Larami, to Carnegie, Tyco, Kenner, and Playskool. One brand I didn’t have represented was Thunder Beasts, so when I recently came across this ornithomimid that was stamped 1993 on the bottom, I was truly vexed as to its origin.

Review: Struthiomimus (Tyco)

4.3 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Griffin.
Struthiomimus isn’t really the first dinosaur that comes to mind upon hearing the word “theropod”.  It has no giant mouth full of killer teeth.  It sports no set of shredding claws.  Instead, this quirky animal bears a striking resemblance to the modern day ostrich complete with long slender legs, swan-like neck and a tiny head with big round eyes and no teeth. 

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex with prey – Struthiomimus (CollectA)

3.8 (25 votes)
Following their excellent Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus and Triceratops carcass, 2012 was really starting to look like CollectA’s year – a number of superb models and a distinct lack of genuine stinkers. Sadly, this model looks set to break that good run, and even more unfortunate is that it’s yet another dodgy T.
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