Cyberzoic Kickstarter Concludes!

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The Cyberzoic Kickstarter is officially over. 1,637 backers contributed an impressive combined total of $608,230 US to bring David Silva’s long dream closer to fruition. Naturally, it will be at least a year before the figures ship, but judging from the images, the wait will be worth it.

Artwork by Raph Herrera Lomotan.

Here are all the incredible beasts that were successfully unlocked!

Tech Clan Allosaurus.

Dragon Clan Smilodon.

Kuraokami the Arctic Dragon.

Fire Clan Achillobator.

Kickstarter Exclusive Smilodon (based on Dino-Riders).

Desert Clan Deinonychus.

Fire Clan Dryptosaurus.

Fire Clan Dilophosaurus.

Tech Clan Utahraptor.

Fire Clan Carnotaurus.

Tech Clan Yutyrannus.

Dragon Clan “Varanus ornithus” the Lizard Dragon.

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